Wednesday, December 2, 2009

12/2/09 - Letter to the World

Hello World! i´m sure that everybody is wondering....what happened with Nicolas?!?! Well...he got baptized! Everything went great...the only slight glitch was that when the ward mission leader went and turned on the font, he forgot that he needed to light the pilot light of the water heater. Luckily elder poteet and I, after a few lessons in the morning went to the church to make sure everything was going ok...and that they had actually started filling the font. Elder poteet checked the water temp, because he was going to be getting was way cold. I told him i was glad that he was going to be getting wet and not me! Anyways, it was about half way full, but we lit the pilot light and filled it up the rest of the way with REALLY hot water, and elder poteet said it was still cold, but not too bad! As far as our other investigators, we´re having a bit of trouble. Tatiana has a couple of concerns, but we´ll be having a lesson with her tomorrow. Irma, another investigator, has a baptismal date on the 12th, and we´ve been having a lot of trouble getting in contact with her to teach her, but we called her last night and we´ll be having a lesson with her also tomorrow. Yesterday was a great day! We had a retention lesson with Nicolas and the president of the elders quorum, and it went great! He´s excited to get the priesthood, and has an appointment with the bishop sunday morning to recieve it! After that meeting, Elder Poteet, The Elders Quorum President, and I went to a few places near the chapel to talk with less active members, and a few investigators that we have. While we were out, we ended up doing quite a few street contacts, and it seems that we´ll soon have quite a few more investigators...that´s been one of the biggest problems is finding good investigators and retaining them. My companion, Elder Poteet, will be going home soon. I think his last official day here is the 16th. He´ll be home just in time for christmas.
Well....have a GREAT day. I´m enjoying the heat here, and i imagine that many of your reading this are happy to be inside because of the cold.
I love you all!
Elder Denton
OH...we recently had a zone conference. SOOOO good! We learned a whole bunch of different things. I´m very excited to start using them in my teaching. One of the things we learned was staying out of the way of the holy ghost. Many times when we are teaching we try to say a lot more that we need to, because we are insecure that the people are going to think that what we´ve said is weird...but if we´re teaching true doctrine, the spirit will be with us, and they will be able to feel and know through the spirit that we are representatives of Jesus Christ.

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