Monday, June 28, 2010

Hello World!

This has been a really good week! The work here in Lopez Camelo is blowing up! There is so much to do. This week we had another Baptisms! Evangelita (Angelita) (Lita) Llanos was baptized on Friday! After her baptism we had a ward mission activity - The Iron Rod. Evangelita is 72 years old. Elder Labra baptized her, but i was in white too to be in the water to help lift her out of the water! Her baptism went really well, and the activity that we had afterwards made it even better! While she was changing, we had all of the people that attended the baptism write on 3x5 cards their testimonies, congradulations, etc. It was GREAT...especially because some of our investigators were there.

Angelita wasn´t confirmed on sunday because we had stake conference....which was AMAZING! Even though everybody had to travel about an hour to the stake center, we had 8 investigators that showed up!

Johny - Johny is a stud! He´s 9 years old, and has an Aunt that was not active. We met her, and invited her to church. When she came, she brought her nephew, Johny, and he already had 1 assistance....yesterday was his 3rd time to church, and we had a great lesson with him last night. He is very excited about his baptism this weekend - the 3rd.

Ada - Ada is 57 years old. She also has a baptismal date for the 3rd, but we might have to change it to the 10th because it´s hard to find her in her house, and get somebody to accompany us to be able to give her the lessons. She has a daughter that is a member, and the only problem that we have with her is that it´s VERY hard for her to read....but that´s ok, becuase we have a member - Sister Fernandez - who can read to hear, and only lives about 40 feet away! What a blessing!

Rocio Fernandez - Rocio is 19, and has a 2 year old son. She lives alone with him. I met her 2 weeks ago when i was in divisions in Benavidez. She is a relative of the family of 8 that was baptized there. She has a baptismal date for this weekend, but we aren´t sure if she´s going to make it. She said that she wanted more time to be able to invite friends and family. We left her with the commitment to pray, and ask Heavenly Father if she should be baptized on Saturday. We´re going to meet with her tomorrow to see!

Jimena Esttamatti - Jimena is 18, and we were working with her about a month ago when Elder Labra was away in divisions. She, also, is the daughter of a less active family that we activated. She had been going to a Evangelical (sp?) church. (she met her dad about a year ago, and moved in with them). We had a really powerfull lesson with her last night, and she commited to be baptized on the 10th.

Franco Family - Silvia and Reuben are from northern argentina. Silvia was a seventh day adventist before, but hasn´t gone in a while. They told us the other day that when we talked with them in the street to ask if we could visit them, it was a time that they were in need, and we were the only one´s who helped them. They have already recieved their answer! They have attended the last 2 baptisms that we had - Sara´s, and the one on friday!...they also went to the Stake conference! They have a baptismal date for July 17th!

Sanchez Family - They are still just waiting to get married...they´ve been together for 30+ years, and when they went to see for what day they could get married, the city told them not until september 23d.arg....that´s argentina for ya. They both went to stake conference. They are really got friends of Evangelita, the woman who was baptized - we found evangelita because she was a reference from the sanchez´s.
Gomez Family - They are going to be married on the 22nd, and baptized the 23rd. Jimena is struggling a little bit, and didn´t go to stake conference with Guillermo, but we´re going to be working hard with them to make sure that everything goes well!!!

Wow....SO MUCH WORK! But, it´s always great to have a few weeks planned out well with weekly baptisms! I Love you all!
Elder Denton

Monday, June 21, 2010

6/21/10 - Letter to the World

Hello World!!!!!

First of all, i´ve gotta give a shout-out to all the fathers out there - Especially mine! HAPPY FATHERS DAY (yesteray! :D)

This last week, President sent me in divisions to help out one of my District leaders to take full advantage of a HUGE baptismal service that they were planning. 2 Families were getting baptized, so we had to do a lot to invite all of their friends, get baptismal clothing for everybody that needed to be in white (14), refreshments, etc. It was a great experience. While i was in Benavidez, Elder Labra was here in Lopez Camelo doing everything that he needed to do to prepare for OUR baptism this last weekend. Sara Gimenez was baptized on Saturday, and confirmed Sunday!

This weekend is Stake Conference, but we have 2 baptisms - Angelita, and Nicolas. Their baptisms will be friday, at 7pm, and then after their baptisms, there is a Missionary Activity (activity for the missionary work....i don´t know - it doesn´t sound right.) after the baptism. Should be GREAT!

Last week, Elder Labra and Elder Rodriguez found a family, the Franco´s. They are AMAZING! They couldn´t come to church this week, because they had family come in from far away, but i know they will be baptized soon.

They also found a 9yr old kid named Jonny. He has been to church before, and his aunt is a member. He told us that he wants to be baptized! We met his mom yesterday, and she told us that it´s fine - he can do it if it makes him happy. She is also going to come to stake conference with him the weekend, and she said that she will think about starting to listen to what we´re teaching her son.

Ada is a 57 year old woman that we found a few days ago. She as well has been to the church before, because she has a daughter that is LDS. We taught her for the first time saturday at about 5pm, and at 7, when we had the baptism, she showed up! It was a great miracle...she also showed up at church on sunday!

There are many miracles happening here in Lopez Camelo! We have the 2 baptisms planned for this weekend, and three for next weekend!

el campo blanco está ya para la siega!

The field is White already to harvest!

I know that this is the work of God!

I Love you all!


Elder Denton

Monday, June 14, 2010

6/14/10 - Letter to the World


What a week!

It sort of stinks to always be the last one to know - but watcha gonna do!?

This has been a sort of weird week. We started of good with everything, and then had interviews with President Argyle on Thursday. When i was in my interview, he told me that he wanted me to do divisions with another elder, so on saturday we started, and i think i´m going to be here until at least Thursday.

I don´t know too much of what´s going on in my area, since i´m here in Benavidez, but i DO know that Nicolas Leiva, who had his baptismal date for the 19th didn´t make it to church yesterday, so we are going to have to wait another week.

My companion told me that Sara Gimenez and Angelita are both progressing very well, and that he is planning the baptismal services for them for this saturday! I´ll get back to Lopez Camelo just in time for the Baptisms!

I´m so glad that i have the gospel in my life, and for the miracles that i see every day. I know that my Heavenly Father loves me, and that he is always watching out for me. I know that Jesus Christ paid the ultimate price for me, and that it is thanks to him that i have the ability to repent, and become better every day. I Know that i´m doing the Lord´s work, and love teaching people that there is still hope for them - that the atonement applies to EVERYBODY - and that if they follow the principles of the gospel, and recieve the ordenances, they too can live with Heavenly Father and their families in the Celestial Kingdom after this life finishes.

I Love you all.


Elder Denton

I pressed Elder Denton a little bit to find out why President Argyle sent him to be with this other Elder for the week...I was asking if he was weak as a missionary, or if it was just a random request. This was his response:

He´s a new District leader....
also - in this area on saturday, there are 2 families that are going to be baptized - 10 people. President wanted me to help him in taking advantage of the baptism in finding new investigators by inviting all of their friends, having lessons with members, being able to set baptismal dates - basically EVERYTHING!
He´s a great missionary - he´s from Roy, Utah! There isn´t really any weak point, it was just to help teach him how to be a leader cuz it´s his first experience besides training another missionary.

I thought that was pretty

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Three Denton Missionaries all out at once!

Whitney (Elder Kyle Dentons' sister) received her call today to the Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh mission (English speaking) and will go into the Provo MTC on Sept 1, 2010!

Cody (Elder Kyle Dentons' brother) received his call on Apr 28, 2010 and is going to the Nicaragua, Managua North mission(Spanish speaking) and enters the Provo MTC next Wed., June 16th!

Monday, June 7, 2010

6/7/10 - Letter to the World

Hello World!

I´ve finally got those pictures that i promised ya´ll!

Okay - First of all - Everybody should know that my sister, Whitney, will be getting her mission call tomorrow [Wed] - after more than enough waiting! WAHOOOOOOOOOOOO!!

Second of all - Cody will be giving his farewell talk in Sacrament Meeting this Sunday! Wahooooooo again!

Okay - This week has been great! We have an investigator, Heriberto, that is AMAZING! - I wrote to Pres Argyle about him, and am gonna be REALLY lazy right now, and do a quick copy and paste.....Cody - do your magic!

En la última despedida de Élderes, le presentamos (E´Roman y yo) un investigador que tendrá algunos 70 años, quien está juntado. Hace más de 30 años que él vive con su señora, y él, siendo viudo, al casarse, perdería su pensión. (o así penso). El sacó turno con un abogado para tratar la tema, y ver lo que podría ver. Un par de días antes que el iba a tener esa cita con su abogado, tuvimos una leccion con él en lo cual leimos Mosíah 18:8-10, y le hicimos la pregunta ´entonces, ¿que le impediría bautizarse?´ él nos contó nuevamente que tenía que ver con la pensión de su esposa que ya murió, pero despues dijo que no importaba - que él iba a ir para sacar turno el proximo lunes, y que Dios provería la manera. La proxima vez que lo vimos, él nos contó que habló con su abogado, y al casarse nuevamente, no perdirá su pension! Yo sé que Dios nos bendice después de la prueba de nuestra fe! Él se fue hoy para sacar turno para casarse!

At the last Elder farewell, Elder Roman and I introduced you to an investigator that’s 70 or so years old, who is “joined” (living with a woman, but not married). He’s lived with this woman for more than 30 years, and he, being a widow, by getting married, would lose his pension. He made an appointment with a lawyer to try the topic and to see what he could do. A few days before he was going to make this appointment with the lawyer, we went to teach him a lesson in which we read Mosiah 18:8-10, and we asked him, “so, what stands in the way of your baptism?”. He told us again that it had to do with his dead wife’s pension, but then he said that it didn’t matter – that the next Monday he was going to make an appointment to get married and that God would provide a way. The next time we saw him, he told us that he spoke with the lawyer who said he wouldn’t lose his pension by getting remarried. I know that God blesses us after testing our faith. Today he went to make that appointment to be married!
Besides Heriberto, his son, Guillermo, went a few weeks ago to set a date for his wedding - which will be July 22nd!

The 2 couples came to church yesterday, and the ward has been really good about helping them feel at home. Heriberto always tells us how good he feels when he gets home! Even more, they gave us a reference of a family friend named Evangelita. She is also listening to us, and has a baptismal date for the 19th.

Nicolas is also progressing well. His baptismal date is also set for the 19th. He is a good friend of Oscar (On my right in the 2 pictures) who was baptized a few weeks ago. Oscar almost always comes with us to teach nicolas, and on sunday went to his house to pick him up and take him to church.

We have another investigator, Hernan, who WAS progressing towards his baptismal date on the 19th, but his lost that date pecause he didn´t come to church on sunday. He stayed out late saturday at a party, and didn´t wake up in the morning to come to church.

It´s hard to always see the same thing happen. When we teach, we even tell the people to look out for these things that Satan does to keep us from doing what God wants us to do (late parties, hanging out with friends late, etc). SOMETHING always happens..

Anyways - that´s about all that´s new here in Lopez Camelo!

I Hope that you all have a great day, week, month, year, etc.

I Love you,


Elder Denton

Note on attached pictures -
so that you know - in the pic sitting down - Gonzalo Oriente - Elder Denton - Oscar Buttaro

in the other picture - Elder Roman (I was in divisions with him for 1.5 weeks) - Gonzalo Oriente - Elder Denton - Oscar Buttaro - Juan Lopez (Young Mens President)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

6/1/10 - Letter to the World

What a great Week!!

I´ve been in exchanges all this week. I Have Been with Elder Roman all week. It´s been a great experience to learn, grow, and teach!

This last weekend we had 2 Baptisms.

Gonzalo Oriente (13 years old) and Oscar Buttaro (15 years old)!

Gonzalo´s baptism was a miracle. For the last three weeks we have been trying to talk with his mom to get her permission, but she didn´t want to give it to us. His legal guardian is his grandma, but she lives in another mission. I had been worrying about it, and on the phone with the mission offices all week long trying to coordinate that the elders in the other mission go the the grandmas house to get permision, and send it to us by fax. Up until friday night, we didn´t have permission, and i didn´t know what to do. I called the Assistants, and they said that i should call Pres. Argyle for his advice. I thought that before i did that, i would call a member who lives in the same property as gonzalo. We had asked Sister Mendieta to talk with mabel, but she hadn´t found the ´right moment´. When i called friday night at like 10pm, she told me that she had talked with gonzalo´s mom, and that she had given us permission!! I said - WAHOOOOOOO!!!!!

I was able to baptize Gonzalo, and Oscar was baptized by the Dad of one of his friends. It was a great service!

The best part is that we still have a TON of work to do in Lopez Camelo. There are so many people that are ready to listen to us!

The Gomez Family (Guillermo y Jimena) are still progressing well, and the parents, the Sanchez Family (Heliberto y Angelica) are going to go and talk to an atorney in a few days to see what they can do about getting marries. They both know that the church is true, and want to get baptized...but they have to get married first, and there are a few things standing in the way of that.

Nicolas Leiva is progressing well. We have had to push his baptismal date a bit further, for the 19th, because he wasn´t able to come to church on sunday, but we had a lesson with him last night, with Oscar Buttaro (the kid that got baptized saturday), and it was AMAZING. Nicolas asked Oscar what it was like getting baptized, and Oscar was able to share his testimony!

I forgot to bring my SD Card converter, so ya´ll will have to wait until next week to see the pictures. Sorry Everybody - i dropped the ball a little!

I hope that you all have a GREAT week!


Elder Denton