Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Note: Elder Denton sent the above picture without telling us who was in it. Elder Poteet is in white along with Nicolas, I believe. Other than Elder Denton, I don't know who anybody else is.
Hello World!!!!
Wow...last week was PACKED with stuff...this week, not so much. Nicolas recieved the Priesthood Sunday in Sacrament Meeting, and is now a Priest! He is doing great, and on Saturday he´s going to be coming out with Elder Poteet and I to teach a few people! Tatiana has basically stopped in progression. There are some problems with her family and boyfriend, and she has decided that it is better to let things cool right now instead of continue fighting with her family. We are still having people from the ward visit her, and invite her to church and other activities! Irma is moving along, more or less. She is pretty hard to get in contact with, but we have a meeting with her on Friday! We have recently found a man names Fabian! We contacted him in the street while we were with our Elders Quorum President, and were finally able to get in contact with him, and yesterday we taught him the first discussion. He has a catholic background, assisted the universal church (la iglesia´s very big around here) for a while, but recently has found himself working a LOT. He lives alone, and has a shop in his house where he does leatherwork. In the first lesson, we were able to set a date with him to be baptized. We set the date for January 2nd. We have to change it to the 9th though, because right before we left he remembered that he has to go out of town this weekend, and he won´t be able to go to church, and we forgot to change the date with him. We have another person that we are teaching named Mariana. She lives alone with her 3 kids. We taught her the first lesson in her doorway with our Ward Mission Leader, and she invited us to come back. It will be sort of complicated to teach her, because there is no man living in the house.
Anyways...that´s about what´s going on here in Munro. Next week Elder Poteet will be heading home, and I´ll have a new companion! I´m excited to see what the Lord has in store for me, and willing to do whatever he would have me do!
I Love you all!
Elder Denton

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