Wednesday, December 23, 2009

We were not going to hear from Elder Denton until Christmas day, but due to a mistake all the missionaries had to find a family in the ward willing to let them use their landline so we could call them in Argentina and then email the information to their homes. Apparently they were set up to use mission cell phones, but then somebody found out that it would cost the mission a ton if all the missionaries used them to receive calls from out of the country. He didn't have very much time to put together anything, but following are some highlights that we discussed in a few quick emails back and forth before he had to go:

I don´t have time to write a letter to the world...but just wish everybody a VERY Merry Christmas!

He gave us the phone number for Claudia & Claudio and asked us to call them asap to make sure we had the proper country code, etc. Cody (Elder Denton's brother) came home from one job just long enough to make a call and was able to speak with Claudia for a few minutes (which was not planned...waiting to find out what that is going to cost us!). She had many good things to say about Elder Denton, that they and the ward loved him and that they are taking very good care of him; and that they had seen some pictures of him before his mission and said that he was now very skinny. She told Cody that Elder Denton would not even eat a piece of her wedding cake when they got married this past week. I was amazed at how easily Cody was able to speak to her, as she doesn't speak English at all. Incredible! We are set to make a call around noon on Christmas day using Skype, which Cody is working on setting up for us. He uses that quite often to speak with his Spanish speaking friends from other countries.

Because he was in such a hurry, he didn't say anything about the pictures that are attached. We are curious to know if Claudia and Claudio were also baptized this past week...we'll be speaking to him about that on Christmas day for sure! He also asked for another care package that included things mostly for other, gum, etc.

Have a Merry Christmas,

George Denton

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