Monday, May 24, 2010

5/24/10 - Letter to the World


Well...(me parece que no me estoy portando bien) - sorry---i don´t know how to say that in inglish. - i guess i´m not behaving well?? i think that´s right...anyways -At the beginning of this transfer i was with Elder Labra...then came elder Parra, and now i´m with a Peruvian - Elder Roman. - i´m behaving well, but Elder Labra and I were talking, and we realized that it would be important to do divisions with another pair of elders in our Zone, so, when Elder Labra talked with President to finish the first transfer, with elder Smith and Elder Parra, he talked about doing transfers with the others - and President also thought that it would be a good idea.
We were going to finish transfers this morning, but President wants us to continues for another week...

This week has been great!

Mon until Wed morning, i was with elder Parra, and then the 3 companionships met up at a central church building, and did the other switch!

Elder Roman has about 3 months less that me in the Mission. We are working hard, and the work will be paying off this weekend!

Gonzalo Oriente - He´s progressing VERY well!! We only have to teach him about tithing and fasting. He will have his baptismal interview on Wednesday - Baptism on the 29th!

Oscar Buttaro - Also - progressing verry well! Oscar is the kid that, after the 2nd lesson with us, said - At first i was coming to church for one of the girls that goes there - but i felt something different at church, and i want to be baptized.
A few days latter, he said that he wanted to wait a little bit longer to be baptized with another kid his age who is listening to us. I left him with a part of the book of mormon to read, and told him that after, he should pray, and ask Heavenly Father if he should be baptized on May 29th. The next time we went to visit him, i asked him how it went and he said - ´i did what you told me to, and i felt something different´ i said - will you prepare to be baptized on the 29th? and he said yes!!!! - His interview is on Thursday!

Guillermo y Jimena (he men uh) - SACARON FECHA PARA CASARSE!!!!! They are going to be married July 22nd, and baptized the next day! It´s about 2 months away, but that´s what we have to deal with with the way they do weddings here...

I don´t have too much else to say - the other investigators are progressing well, and hopefully we´ll see baptisms more regularly!

I Love you all, and hope that everybody is doing well!


Elder Denton

Monday, May 17, 2010

5/17/10 - Letter to the World


Everything started out VERY well on monday! After p-day, elder Labra and I found 4 new investigators!

Tuesday, at noon, Elder Labra and i met up with Elder Smith, one of our district leaders, and his companion, elder parra. (elder parra has only 3 weeks in the mission!) We changed companions, and elder parra and i went to the district meeting of my other district leader, and then came back here to lopez camelo. We got back to lopez camelo with only a few hours, and we found 5 more investigators!!! A family of 8.

Wednesday, we had a very long day. A lot of our plans fell through, but we found a family of 11, and 3 new investigators!

On thursday, we had a lot of lessons planned, and taught a lot. We´re focusing a lot in teaching ¨Keep the sabbath day holy¨

Friday, we also had a lot to do, and out assistent mission leader came with us for about 2hrs.

Saturday, to meet our goal, we needed to have 5 lessons with a member present. One of the youth in the ward agreed to accompany us for a little while. After about 3 hrs i said - we have some other appts, but they are a bit further away - you can go home if you want. He said that he didn´t have anything to do, and we ended up having 5 lessons that day with a member present!!!

Sunday was great! We had 7 investigators in the church. Guillermo Gomez (his girlfriend was sick, and didn´t come), his mom, and his step dad, Graciela, Guillermo and Jessica Biotti (Guillermo is the older brother of Gustavo Romano, who was baptized a few months ago) with their 4 girls, and Oscar - one of the kids that came last week, and who was in the lesson that we had 2 weeks ago after mutual with a bunch of the non-members that showed up!

After church, we went and had lunch, and then went to contact a reference. A member told us that the parents are less active, but that there are kids there that haven´t been baptized. We found Jimena - she´s 18 years old, and goes to the evangelic church - but she commited to read the book of mormon and pray. We taught her to pray, but she was embarresed to do it, but when we left, she asked us if we would right down the steps to pray so that she could pray after reading the book of mormon!!!!

Gonzalo Oriento was going to be baptized this saturday, but he ended up going to his grandma´s house this weekend, and didn´t come to church.
Nicolas Leiva, another one of the kids that was in the lesson with 6 after mutual didn´t come either, so he los his baptismal date of the 29th.

Gonzalo can still be baptized the 29th, and oscar, the kid that came to church yesterday, also has a baptismal date for the 29th!

I hope that everything is going well at home for everybody!!

Love ya´ll,

Elder Denton

(PS...i still don´t know when elder labra will be back. We were talking, and even if he does come back, we are going to have to do another exchange this week to help a companionship that is worrying i don´t know how much time we´ll be together.)

Monday, May 10, 2010

5/10/10 - Letter to the World

Hello Everybody! What a great week it´s been!

On Tuesday, we had a Zone Conference. Everything went VERY well - The presentation on helping commit investigators to come to church, AND the workshops that we did afterwards, helping the missionaries to be bolder when the time comes to enter soembody´s house, set a commitment, set a baptismal date, invite everybody in the house to participate, do street contacts, etc.

In the beginning of the week, things were going really slowly, even though Elder Labra and I were doing everything that we could to meet our goals - we were talking with everybody, and applying all that we learned in Zone Conference about having faith and planning well.

On tuesday, after the zone conference, we had ward mission correlation meeting in the church. After our meeting, we realized that there were a LOT of non members in the church that had come to mutual - so, we invited 6 or 7 young men that aren´t members to have a lesson with us. They accepted, and we realized that one of them was really interested - Nicolas Leiva. We taught him and his family Saturday night, and Nicolas came to church Sunday morning! The other kids that were in the lesson didn´t seem to interested, but we invited them to church on Sunday. Besides Nicolas, 2 of the other kids that were in the lesson tuesday night showed up to church sunday! (Miracle!!!)

On Thursday, we had to go to a city about 45min away in Bus to pay the rent of some apartments...on the way there, we didn´t have anything to go, or anywhere to go...and neither did any of the other people that were on the bus. We talked with every man that we could, and got rejected by everyone. As we were about to get off the bus, a 20yr old kid signled for me to come closer. He has studied the book of mormon, doctrince and covenants, the pearl of great price, and teachings of the prophets. He attended church for about a year, and then for a small detail, was turned off to the church, and stopped going. He said that he was still interested, and wants us to pass by!

On the way back to our area, we did the same in the bus, and again, were rejected by everybody. - But here comes the miracle!!! When we got to our lunch appt, which was with the elders quorum president and his wife, he told us that he had a friend there that could be a new investigator, and also a less active member. They had spontaniously (miraculously) decided to visit this member when we went to eat. We talked a lot about the apostacy and the restauration with him, and set up an appointment to visit him again!

On Saturday, we went to the house of an Ex-Investigator to see if he´d like to start taking the lessons again. He said yes, but that he couldn´t start right then. As we were about to leave, a 19yr old kid walked out of his house, and entered a house a few doors down the street. I asked the ex-investigator who it was, and he said that it was the oldest son of his wife, and ALSO told us that where he had entered was the house of his grandma, who is a member of the church! We went there, and had a lesson with Jonathon, the 19 yr old. The mother of Jonathon´s 7 month old son was also there, Cecilia, who is 16, and her older sister Isabel. We taught all 3 of them, and they all have desires to continue bettering their lives and listening to what we have to teach!

On Sunday, we got to church and it was EXTREMELY empty. There were hardly any members. (8:50) After a few minutes, 4 investigators, Guillermo with his girlfriend, Jimena (he - men - uh), and Guillermo´s Mom, with her husband, all showed up! A few minutes later, Gonzalo Oriento Showed up! (GONZALO GOT PERMISSION FROM HIS MOM TO BE BAPTIZED!!!!!) (Mirale!) And a few minutes later, the 3 kids from mutual showed up! (Nicolas, and the 2 others!)

This week has been full of miracles!

In my personal study, i´ve been reading alma. This morning i read Alma 42. It blew me away how clear the atonement is! It is written out so clearly that there is no way to not know what is required of us so that we can return to our Heavenly Father after this life. My favorite part of the chapter is when it talkes about Justice and Mercy. Because of the fall of Adam and Eve, and because of Justice, man would be subject to the demands of justice, which require that he be seperated from God. Because of this problem, God send Jesus Christ to suffer for us. He literealy paid the price for our sins, and satisfied the demands of justice so that Mercy can be excercised - but mercy can only come into play if we do our part and repent.

Wow....REALLY long letter today! Sorry.

I Love you all, and hope that you have a Great week whoever and wherever you are!

Love, Elder Denton

We had an excellent chat with Elder Kyle Denton yesterday after church. We fired up skype and spoke for at least an hour. He's been teaching his companion English and Elder Labra practiced a sentence or two with Connie...he did excellent! We found out that his mission president will be changing very soon. Kyle mentioned that Cody will be going into the MTC during the training of the mission presidents and will have the same opportunity Kyle had while he was in the MTC - to have the prophet and apostles visit quite often while he is there. Kyle is predicting that Cody will only spend 3 weeks at the MTC because of how good is Spanish already is. It is amazing to listen to the 3 boys speak Spanish together. We wonder if Whitney will be going to a spanish speaking mission now...:0) George.

Monday, May 3, 2010

5/3/10 - Letter to the World

Ok - First of all, i´m WAY EXCITED - Why? - Because my brother Cody got his mission call on Wednesday, and he´s going to Nicaragua!!!! Wahoo! Congrats Cody! - I mean - Elder Denton (2) !!!

This week has been great!

Gonzalo Oriento is a 13 yr old kid who was a reference from a recent convert. We´ve been teaching him a ton, and he came to church on Sunday! He has a baptismal date for 2 more weeks!!

Grasiela - We met Grasiela in the Chaple. A member brought her to mutual with her daughter. We´ve already taught her the first 3 lessons, and she is progressing great - the only problem is that her spouse needs to get divorced from his first wife, and they need to get married. (she also came to church yesterday!!)

Ismael - Ismael hasn´t come to the last 2 meetings that we´ve set up with him, and he didn´t come to church either. We´re gonna have to see what happens with him.

Mario and Teresa - Teresa is Evangelistic, and her son, Mario, is listening to us more than she is. Mario couldn´t come to church this last sunday because he was watching his grandkids. He has commited to come to church this week!

Elizabet, Belen, and Rebecca - Elizabet was a reference from our assistand ward mission leader. They all came to the baptism of Ximena Amorin on April 10th, and the mom came to church the following sunday. Yesterday they didn´t come to church, and when we went to talk with them, the mom had gotten sick - She said that she´ll be in church next sunday.

Juarez Family - We found them on Saturday Night, at like 7pm. The parents are married, and they have 2 daughters that are older than 8 that can be baptized! They are catholic, but not practicing...did i mention that they are married!!!!! - It´s very rare.

There is lots of progress here in Lopez Camelo, and i imagine that it will only continue!

Love ya´ll

Elder Denton

Note from Dad - for anybody who wants to follow his mission.