Wednesday, November 25, 2009

11/25/09 - Letter to the World i had a HUGE letter written, and i went to send it, and the server logged me out soooo..i have like 5 min (maybe to write)
This week was great. We had a conference with elder Bednar from the quorum of the 12 apostles, and he took and answered questions. I had a question to ask him, but never got to me (we were about 600 misionaries). However...the spirit is an interesting thing. Even though my question wasn´t even mentioned, i was able to recieve an answer. The spirit works in small ways, and as i was sitting and listening, all of a sudden i recieved the answer to my question. Elder Bednar wasn´t even talking about a subject close to my question. This is important to keep in mind when any of you have questions. Keep it in mind always, because the spirit can speak to us in any moment, and we need to be ready and receptive to the spirit to understand the answer!
José Luís - he told us not to come by anymore. It is so hard to ´drop´him, because we know that he has a testimony. He knows that the church is true...but he thinks that it will be to hard to live the gospel, and ALSO live with his family.
Tatiana - She came to church, and the only thing she needs to do now is talk to her parents. They told her about a month ago that she was moving too fast (she was going to be baptized the 14th of this month) so we moved the date to the 5th of december. Now she has to ask her parents permission again, and she´s scared to do it. She said that she will sometime today!
Nicolas - He is amazing! He´s going to be baptized saturday at 7pm!
Sorry for the shortness and lack of details.
Elder Denton
NOTE: Before the glitch happened, Kyle had emailed me the following information, which I think would be fun to share with everybody:
They don't have Taco Seasoning Mixes in Argentina (at least he can't find any) so I sent him a home-made recipe I googled off of the internet. This was his response: I left here last week before i got the recipie for the taco seasoning...i don´t know how i´m going to find the ingredients..i´ll have to grab a dictionary and translate all of the spices into spanish!
I told Elder Denton that we had always said that his companions would love to have him as a companion because he was such an excellent cook. This was his response when I asked what fun things he had made and what they have for breakfast: Elder Poteet is a pretty good cook also...we usually only have to make ourselves breakfast, and lunch on our P-Day (it´s easier to not have to leave the house and go look for food!) I have made a lot of bread and muffins...last week we made sloppy joes, the week before we had Ñoquis (a type of pasta) with a white cream sauce and smoked ham (yummmmm!)...i guess it´s going well!! For breakfast, i usually make myself a fruit salad and a potato patty (like grandma sherwood does...but with a lot more stuff...2 eggs, some mashed potatoes, ham, onion, tomato, oregano, and garlic)!!! yum! I haven´t really made any other were going to prepare a couple of things to take to the baptism saturday (brownies and chocolate chip cookies) I haven´t made no-bakes...but the ingredients are here!
Elder Denton was commenting that it would be nice to have computer programs and the organization found here in the U.S. I asked him about computers and phones and how do they communicate if you needed to talk to somebody immediately...People don´t really have personal computers...but there are a lot of internet cafes. Many people have cell phones...and home phones...but the cell phones usually don´t have they can only take incoming calls. There are many people that don´t have phones too. If you need somebody to take over a have to go to a locurotorio and use a public phone.
George Denton

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