Saturday, December 26, 2009

12/25/09 - Christmas Call to Elder Denton

Cody used skype to call Elder Denton at noon on Christmas day at $0.02 per minute. Nice! Elder Denton answered the phone and we weren't sure if it was him until he started speaking a little more. He has been told recently by other missionaries (and we can confirm this) that his English is terrible! On the plus side, Cody and Chazz say that his Spanish is very good now (I'll have to take their word for it). Cody spent a lot of time translating to English what Elder Denton was trying to express. He told us many things about how they celebrate Christmas in Argentina and seems to be doing very well with his new companion, Elder Fuentes. He loves to work hard and gets aggravated if something prevents him from living the mission rules. In the picture from last week there was a question whether or not he had baptized the couple that were in the picture (Claudia and Claudio). Elder Denton did baptize Claudia and the other man baptized Claudio. The Sutherlands were visiting from Oakley and listening/participating in to our conversation too. Kyle let us in on another Argentina fact...the bidet is the preferred method for cleansing oneself. That one caught us all by surprise! George Denton

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