Wednesday, December 30, 2009

10/30/09 - Letter to the World

Hello World!
I almost forgot about you all. (Thanks to Dad last week for putting togethera letter to the world for me!) I´ve been trying to get other Emails out, write down recipes, and a whole bunch of other stuff! Life as a missionary NEVER has a dull moment! There is always something to do! Last week for Christmas, we got a call from our Zone leader that we could leave Munro to go to Ballester to play soccer! Our Mission Pres is very strict with the white handbook, and it says that VERY RARELY should the missionaries leave their area....this was the first time that he´s authorized something for us to get together! I had a great time! We were about 10 missionaries in all, and played for about an hour before Elder Fuentes and I had to go home to shower, change, and run over the the house of our most recent converts to recieve our phone calls and eat lunch! I don´t think you all heard about the baptism so...Claudio Martín Bentancourt and Cecilia (Claudia) Bentancourt were both baptized on the 19th, and confirmed on the 20th. Claudia asked me to baptize her! It was an amazing experience to be abe to perform an ordinance for the salvation of one of God´s children! It was also a nice early Christmas present! (for my companion too...the baptism was his first week here!) Last week (the 27th) in church Claudio recieved the Aaron Priesthood (Priest)! As far as the other investigators...we´ve pretty much dropped everybody that we had. Nobody has given us the time to go and teach them, and Elder Fuentes and I are realizing that the Lord has people ready for us to teach right now, and we can´t waste our time on people who aren´t ready to hear the message of the gospel right now. This week is going to have a HUGE focus on finding new investigators through our members, contacts, and any other way that the lord wants to bless us!
I love this gospel, and i am so glad that i was raised knowing what i know. I hope that everybody can come to know this message, and LIVE IT in their lives. True joy only comes from knowing and living in accordance with the commandments that we have been given.
I hope that everybody has a GREAT New Year!!
Elder Denton

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