Wednesday, January 6, 2010

1/6/10 Letter to the World

Hello World!!

I Hope that the New Year is treating everybody well! I’m still doing great here in Argentina, but it seems like I don’t have very much new and interesting things to say. On New Years Eve there were a TON of fireworks, and as I sleep VERY heavily, my companion was ´kind enough´ to wake me up 5 min after they had started to welcome in the New Year! I would’ve preferred sleep...but hey....what´cha gonna do? This week we’ve continued having difficulty in setting appointments and having the people keep them. We have had some success though! There is a Sister that has been coming to church for a few weeks named Manuela. She is about 70 yrs old, and we thought that she was a less active member who the second counselor of the bishopric had been bringing to church, but found out that she wasn’t a member. We started teaching her, and earlier this week put a date of Jan 16 for her baptism. It’s soon, but we’re putting our faith in the Lords hands to give her the response that she needs to know that this is the Lords true church here on the earth.
I love this gospel, and continue to find scriptures that help me to learn and grow, and that I can share with my investigators to help them too! This last week in my studies I came across Alma 34:31. I know that this scripture teaches the truth. All we need to do is put our life in order, and the atonement of Christ can start working in our lives. We don’t need to wait a lot of time. When God sees that we are striving to live his gospel, he blesses us!

I love you all, and hope that you’re having a great time in the cold! The heat here is impressive.


Elder Denton

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