Monday, September 27, 2010

9/27/10 - Letter to the World

New Glasses???
¨Just Married¨
Angelica Gomez de Sanchez, Heriberto Sanchez, Elder Denton

¨Baptism Pictures¨
Elder Labra, Heriberto Sanchez, Angelica Gomez de Sanchez, Elder Denton

Hello World - dangit- my exclamation mark key doesn´t work...that´s gonna be a problem.i´ll have to use this instead - ¡

Ok, how´re ya´ll doin´ today? I´m doing very well¡
This week we made the final preperations for the wedding and baptism of The Sanchez/Gomez family. It all went really well¡ The wedding was on Friday at 10am, and then we had the baptism at 7pm. After the baptism, everybody had brought food, so we ate, we had a DJ come, and we had a wedding cake made - the party started after the Elders left - we had to be home at 9.30, and they hadn´t even cut the cake when we left - but the ward missionaries saved a piece for my companion¡¡¡

I don´t know if ya´ll remember Jonathan and Ariel Gimenez, but we´ve been having lessons with their mom, and she has decided to be baptized¡¡ She already has all of the lessons, and church attendance, so, we´re just gonna go over the lessons again, and she´s gonna be baptized on friday¡¡¡

Sorry for the short letter this week, but there isn´t too much new going on here.

I love ya´ll


Elder Denton

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  1. Wow, wedding and baptism on the same day. How could the day get any better than that? Sorry you missed the party.