Monday, September 20, 2010

9/20/10 - Letter to the World

Elder Labra, Melody, Maxi and Elder Denton
The 18th was Chili's 200th birthday and we ate BBQ with the familia Egúez – Provoste, a Chilean familiy in the ward!
Eugenia, Jenny, Elder Denton, Dahi, Sister Provoste, Edwin

Banana Bread that Elder Denton prepared for F.H.E.

A Banana Cream Pie Elder Denton whipped up for a baptism.

Today is a beautiful sunny day here in BA! Elder Labra and i started running in the morning last week, and ran again this morning! WE did our studies, and then headed to meet up with the zone to play soccer! Last time we played, i made the first 2 goals that i had ever made (i´ve never played soccer, those of you that know me know why!) in my life, and today i made 4 goals! Either everybody else is getting worse, or i´m getting better! (I´m gonna go ahead and go with the second!)

This wasn´t the most productive week, but we had a lot to do. On Wed. morning, Elder Labra and i went to the church to use the TV to watch a DVD called ¨The District 2¨ which has a bunch of examples of how to teach using different teaching skills like resolving doubts, teaching about the book of mormon, etc. We were preparing for what we were going to teach the zone on thursday in the zone conference about teaching people, not lessons. While we were there, one of the other zone leaders called and asked how much they needed to bring for lunch the next day (we combined 2 zones for the zone conference.)...I had no idea, and they told us that we were supposed to be in charge of lunch....uh - 43 people to feed, and less than a day to throw it all together.
It had been about 5 months since the zone leaders had been in charge of doing lunches for the conferences, the last few times, the mission president´s wife did it, and the assistants forgot to tell us. that was convenient!...anyways, we ordered a ton of empanadas, some pastrys for desert (facturas), and thursday morning we had to go to where we were going to have the conference early to be able to go find a place to buy water for everybody, and find a fruit stand to buy mandarins and bananas! After all was said and done, the lunch turned out great, and the Zone conference in all was amazing also! I always enjoy listening to president, and learning what he has to teach! We are being trained on 8 lessons, and he talked to us a lot about the first one, which is the doctrine of christ. Oh - and i forgot, Elder Labra and I with 2 other elders were asked about 5 min before the conference started to sing Nearer my God to Thee in parts - that was fun!

This last week we had the baptisms of Melody Radolovic, and her brother, Maximiliano Salazar - they are both Cristina´s kids, and Macarena´s siblings. We thought that the baptism was going to turn out sort of lame, because everybody in the ward was planning on going to the stake center for a YSA activity that they had been planning for a long time, but, it turned out great! We had about 40 people there, and there were alot of non members that live near the Radolovic family that we are going to go try to visit today!

This week, we were planning on having 5 baptisms, but we ran into a problem with the Radolovic´s next-door-neighbors. The kids are progressing great, but the mom´s going a bit slower, and she doesn´t like to see that her kids are progressing, and doesn´t see anything happening in herself, so she gets a bit egoistic, and didn´t let them come to church yesterday. We are going to go today to see what´s up there, and see if we can´t get Sofia back on for a baptismal date for the first of October.

I hope that everybody is doing well, and hope that ya´ll have a great day.

oh....and if i didn´t mention - i made 4 goals today! haha! Love ya´ll

Love, Elder Denton

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  1. Your companions must love you. Especially when you cook something. You and Cody are excellent cooks, but what happened to Whit? You will have to get after her when she gets home.