Saturday, September 18, 2010

9/16/10 Zone Conference

Another excerpt (or two) from the Kroffs blog regarding their zone conference they attended with Elder Denton:

Four missionaries sang a hymn without accompaniment and their voices blended beautifully. They were Elders Lowry, Peterson, Denton, and Labra. It was great and brought the spirit into the meeting. Then the President showed the DVD, the First Vision, and following had selected missionaries come forward and tell when was the first time they realized that Joseph Smith was a prophet. He, then, talked about the role of the Savior in the Plan of Salvation, and the importance of receiving revelation during their planning meetings with their companions.

We didn't go, however, until we were entertained by Elder Mohulamu doing the Haka. The President asked if all the missionaries wanted to join him, but there were no takers. Everyone wanted to just observe with cameras in hand. He was a member of the U.S. Rugby team and this version of it was done before their games. Later in the day, I asked him about the one the BYU football team does and he said it depends on what island a person is from as to what they learn and demonstrate. His tongue was flapping wildly in this version. He is from Tonga, but was called on his mission from the United States. It was fun to watch.

The zones met for a combined group picture. This is the first one of many that the missionaries will have with the Gulbrandsens.

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