Monday, September 13, 2010

9/13/10 - Letter to the World


Wow, so this week we had a LOT to do, and we got a lot done!
From Tuesday to Thursday, we were in Leadership Training for the new program that we have to teach in district meetings. The training was VERY good, and edifying, and the travel was, well, travel. We caught the bus in the morning, and took it to the traing station, and then took the train about 4 stations, and then walked a few blocks the the church, and the same to get back each night. Getting there wasn´t a big deal, but after being trained all day, and THEN have the travel back home, well, it´s a long trip. We, like i said, have had a LOT to do, and the 2 of the days that we went we didn´t have time to go back to the house and change, so we walked around all day in our suits, and with our study journals and everything that we took with us.
On Tuesday night, we had a lesson with the neighbors of Macarena and Cristina Radolovic. 2 of their kids went to church last sunday, and in the baptismal service we had set up an appointment with them for tuesday. We got their, and had a GREAT lesson, and found 4 new investigators - The mom, Adriana, her 16year old daughter, Sofia, and her two sons Franco (11) and Marcelo (10). This last week we´ve had varios lessons with them, and Adriana and Sofia came to church yesterday! The dad came on saturday and took the 2 boys for the weekend. Sofía has a baptismal date for teh 24th, and Adriana for October 1st.

Besides them, we´re basically working with the same people as before. If you remember the Sanchez/Gomez family, the wedding is FINALLY coming up! They are going to be married on the 24th, and their baptism will be that same day.

This weekend, we have 2 baptisms - Maxi, and Melody, two of Macarena´s siblings. Her other brother, Nauhel, will be baptized on the 24th with Heriberto and Angelica Sanchez, and Sofía (macarena´s neighbor!).

We´re really excited to keep working here, and I´M very excited for general conferance that´ll be coming up in a few weeks! Wahoo!

I hope that you all have a great week!

I love you,


Elder Denton

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