Monday, February 22, 2010

2/22/10 Letter to the World

Hello World!

I hope everything is going well for ya’ll! I’m doing great here in Lopez Camelo!

Saturday we had the Baptism of Gustavo Romano! It was great Sunday when we got to the church, a few people told us that Gustavo was the first person there, and waiting for somebody to come and open the church so he could get in! His mom, a few siblings, and an uncle went to his baptism, but he didn’t have any family at his confirmation. Hopefully we can help that change! This last week we’ve visited a lot of his family that lives in our area, and are going to be starting to teach them this week!

Maira Cantero is progressing still! She came to church Sunday, her 3rd assistance (time), and her baptism was announced in sacrament meeting. The last time we taught her, we left a pamphlet of the 3rd lesson, and when we went to teach her yesterday, and I asked if she had read it she said ´yea, I read it, and I already knew everything that it said.´!! We did a quick review, and we only had to clarify a few things for her.

Sofia Moreno said this week ´Everybody is getting baptized...I think I want to get baptized too!´ We’re continuing to teach her, and we’ll be putting a baptismal date this week!

I don’t know if I talked about them last week, but there is a family that has recently moved here from Uruguay who were introduced to the church there, and recently found the chapel here in Lopez Camelo. They are a family of 4, all within the age to be baptized! The mom, Monica, is a radio talk show host, and has interviewed the bishop to clear a few things up, and wants to do a piece about Mormons.

Yesterday we found a few others to teach, and it seems that they have a lot of interest! Sara and Brian live about 1/2 block from the church, and Sara has a son that’s LDS. She’s already heard the lessons, and wants to take them again to prepare herself to be baptized! (Brian is a nephew, and is 17)

Have a great week everybody!


Elder Denton

Here's a little note about something that happened just this morning that he shared with me:

This morning we left the house to go to the bus stop, that´s in the other corner of the intersection where we live. We saw that the bus was down the road already and had passed us, but it turns around and passes about 2 blocks from the house about 5 min later, so we walked to the other bus stop.

Right when we got there, there was a guy about 20 years old on a bike passing by. He came around the corner and almsot hit me, and then stopped right in front of the bus stop as if he were waiting for the bus. When he stopped, Elder Martinez and I both knew that he was going to rob us, because people on bikes can´t get on busses. While on his bike, he turned to Elder Martinez, grabbed his tie, and said ´give me your watch´ while Elder Martinez was talking his watch off, he told me to take mine off too. I gave it to him, and then he said to us ´I know you have money, give it to me.´ Elder Martinez had about 80 pesos, but the guy didn´t find out. He reached into an empty pocket of Elder Martinez, and didn´t find anything. I turned out my pockets to show that i didn´t have anything too. (I had stuff in my pocket, but turned it only partially out so he cold see the pocket lining, but couldn´t see the SD card and converter that i have with me to upload the pictures of the baptism.) We pulled out our white handbooks and daily planners and opened them to show him we didn´t have anything, and he started getting mad because we didn´t have money. We said again that we didn´t have anything, and he said ´Go and walk up the hill¨ So we left the bus stop and started walking to another one. that was close. 2 People in moped saw that we were being robbed and stopped a little ways away. When we were walking to the other bus stop they asked if we were alright and offered their cell phone in case we needed to call anybody. we thanked them, and said ´no, he only took our watches.´

It appears that our Heavenly Father was looking over these two righteous missionaries! George.

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