Monday, February 1, 2010

1/26/10 Letter to the World


I pretty much knew it was coming, but I got the ´transfer call´ last night at about 9:45. I am now in an area called Lopez Camelo in the zone Litoral. It’s an area a lot more tranquilo than Munro, but the same. I haven’t really gotten to know the area a lot...I’ve only been here about 3 hours!
My new companion is Elder Martinez. He has a little bit more time than me in the mission and was recently called to be Zone Leader. I’m very excited for the opportunity that I have to learn from him!
I don’t have a lot of time because of moving and everything, but i hope that you all have a great day!

Love ya!

Elder Denton

Additional Notes:
Elder Denton mentioned in an email to me that Elder Martinez (A Chilean) has been out a few months longer and went strait from a junior companion to a zone leader, which is something that hardly ever happens.

He also had some thoughts about leaving his first area:
I did get transferred...and like you said, twisted and torn. The change that I was able to see in Alejandro Bentancourt is absolutely amazing. I know that he will be baptized soon! He got work as a remisero (he drives a car sort of like a taxi). We called him to take me to the mission office to the exchange, and we introduced him to a lot of our friends in the mission (Elder Fuentes and I). He was happy to tell whoever he talked to that he was going to be baptized as soon as possible!!!

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