Monday, February 15, 2010

2/15/10 Elder Kyle Denton (Not a Letter to the World)

This morning Elder Denton sent me a text (via e-mail) indicating that he was online and sent a reply to my email to him...and then we lost him. I "assume" it has something to do with the computer that he is using, or email system, which is sometimes a pain for the missionaries in the field. Because of that, I am sharing the few lines which I received from him. I try to prime the pump with many questions about his area, investigators, upcoming baptisms and how busy he's been with having a very young zone leader for a companion and if they are able to get out to find/teach yet. His note is somewhat cryptic, but he usually answers most of my questions in his Letter to the World. We hope to get more next week. George Denton.

Things are going great! Stuff is settling down, and we have a baptism scheduled for Saturday!

We are finding a lot of people, and today we had another leaders counsel meeting this morning in the mission home...usually there is 1 every 6 weeks...we’ve had 3 in 3 weeks now...but learning a ton!


Elder Denton

BTW...I’m less than 200lbs now! I weighed myself about an hour ago and I’m at 194!!!!!! WAHOOOOOO

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  1. You must be so proud! I can't believe how much weight he's lost, too!