Tuesday, February 9, 2010

2/9/10 Letter to the World

Hi Everybody! This one’s gonna be quick...I hope!

The best thing that’s going on right now is with the Cantero family. They were all baptized about 2 months ago except for the oldest daughter Myra, because she was always working. Well...last week she lost her job! Wahooooo! We stopped by the house, and she was there. She told us, and we said...”ok so...we’ll see you at church this Sunday, right?” She said “yes” and was there when sacrament meeting started, even though the weather was wet and ugly. Sunday afternoon we had a lesson with her and her dad, and we set a date for her baptism!
The Torres family we were finally able to get a hold of and teach on Saturday, but they didn’t come to church Sunday. They said that they slept in. We are praying for the mom that she can receive an answer...or recognize the answer that she has already received, that she needs to be baptized...because she already knows that the church is true.
The ward here is great! The missionaries before were always good workers, but at one point, the missionaries tried a LOT...and succeeded in getting the trust of the members. They would go to their houses and chat for a few hours...literally 2-4 hours. The families got used to it, and it is REALLY hard for them to understand why we don’t spend as much time with them now. That is the biggest challenge that we have.

Fun story for the week.
Sunday, in church, the counselor in the bishopric that was conducting was bearing his testimony when all of a sudden the lights went out, and about 2 seconds later there was a HUMONGUS (I can’t spell) clap of thunder that lasted about 10 seconds right over the chapel. Apparently lightning struck the steeple and shorted out the lights. Ha-ha. The meeting continued with the emergency light, and we got all the lights back about 10 min later.

I Love you all and hope you have a great week!


Elder Denton

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