Monday, February 1, 2010

2/1/10 Letter to the World

World! ...How’s it going?

This week has been FULL stuff to do...unfortunately, a lot of what we had to do kept us from being able to proselyte in our area. Tuesday we didn’t have much time because of p-day and transfers. Wednesday we had district meeting (Elder Martinez, my companion, is Zone we have to travel a ways to get to our other District), Thursday we had to go to the Doctor in Capital, and Friday we had to go to the mission home for Leadership Counsel.
With Elder Martinez as my companion, I’m learning a lot! There are also a lot of opportunities that I will have to learn from others. One of the assistants to the president will be living with us from Friday to Monday to help us, and mainly to teach elder Martinez all that he needs to know to be a Zone Leader. There are also going to be a few other opportunities to do exchanges with the District leaders!!
The time that we WERE in our area, I LOVED! The difference is huge between here and Munro, but I really enjoy it here. It’s a bit more of a laid back and relaxed environment.
We have a lot of investigators, and I can hardly remember their names. We are teaching a family called the Torrez Family. The husband is a member, but the Mom and Son are not. They have all of the assistance that they need, but we’re working with them on a few last things!
There is a LOT of potential here, and a lot of people that are very close to baptism! I’m excited to be able to work here, and help these people baptized and make covenants with our heavenly father!

In my personal study I was reading in Mosiah 2 today! I LOVE this chapter. It’s impressive the power that the words of King Benjamin spoke still have the same impact today as when he spoke them! One of my favorite scriptures is in this chapter too. v. 30 talks about the weakness that King Benjamin has in talking to the people, but that the lord supports him and helps him. I know that as I am serving here in Argentina I have weaknesses, but the work I’ve been called to do is of God, and as I work diligently to help his work progress, he will sustain and support me!

¡Que disfruten la semana!

Con amor,
Elder Denton


Note from Dad: The city that he is in is called Tigre, which is North of Buenos Aires and about 45 minutes from his last area. He is about 6 miles from where the South Atlantic Ocean comes inland to the Buenos Aires area. Temperature today is about 90 degrees with 85% humidity. They do not have air conditioning, but they do have 1 fan. The mission office provides the fans for free and they are getting a second one very soon. Also just found out that the reason for the trip to the doctor, above, was to have an ingrown toenail removed for the second time. He had it removed before he left for his mission and it grew back ingrown again. "No biggy!" was the way he put it.

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