Monday, March 29, 2010

3/29/10 - Letter to the World

Hello World!!!
It’s been a good week here in Lopez Camelo!
George Damian Amorin Marin (yup...all of that is his name!) was baptized on Saturday (by elder Martinez) and confirmed yesterday (by me!). His sister, Ximena, wasn’t baptized because she was still sick, and she still has a little bit of doubt about being baptized, but she has a date set for Friday the 2nd (because the 3rd and 4th are general conference!!!!!!!)

Washington, the Dad of Damian and Ximena came to church for the first time yesterday for Damian’s confirmation and really liked it! His work conflicts a bit with church, but hopefully we can continue with him, and his wife, Monica.

Alejandra dropped us this last week. She started doing some service (ok, a LOT of service) for her church (like 12hrs a day cooking), and now she just doesn’t have time for us. Hopefully we can teach her daughter though...we still haven’t met her, but she is good friends with a member of the ward!

Sara Gimenez is still doing well and excited to continue learning. Her mom is fine now, but she has had to stay there with her mom for a little more time, and will be coming back today or tomorrow, so hopefully we will be able to continue with her!

I hope that you are all doing great and that you have a great Easter/General Conference Weekend!!


Elder Denton

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  1. Fun to read Kyle's letters every week and print them off for Steven.