Monday, April 5, 2010

4/5/10 - Letter to the World

Hey Everybody!

How great was General Conference! I LOVED the talks that Elder Bednar and Elder Holland gave (along with all of the others as well!! =D)! This week has been pretty tough. We are trying to do all that we know how to do, but some of our investigators just aren’t progressing, and we’re getting to the point where we are going to have to pass VERY rarely for them. (Cody says this means that he’s not going to be able to go by very often).

The Amorin family is still doing well.

Ximena wasn’t baptized this week because, with the schedule of conference, and the parents work schedules, Saturday at 6pm would have been the only time to have the baptism, but General Conference didn’t finish until 7 pm, so the baptism will be this week.

We’re still waiting for Sara to get back, and get a hold of us. We haven’t heard from her in a while, but are trying to get a hold of her still!

I don’t have much else to say, but have a great week, and do as the prophet said - study all of the words that the prophet and apostles have taught us, and apply those words to everything that we do!

I Love you all!


Elder Denton

Side Note - Today we finally felt that it would be ok to let Kyle know about Connie's situation. Here is his reply to that email:

Thank you for telling me everything. Obviously it´s hard to hear, but I know that the Lord always blesses us as we put our faith in him. I don´t really know what to say...I´m in a bit of shock...but like you said, I can´t let this get in the way of the work I´m doing. If anything, it´s going to motivate me to do everything that I can so that the blessings will continue to be poured out on our family.
I love you, and you´re always in my prayers. Elder Denton

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