Monday, March 15, 2010

3/15/10 - Letter to the World

Okay...this will REALLY be short.
We didn´t have any baptisms this week...we haven´t even SEEN nicolas since his baptismal interview. We´re making progress with the portillo family. He has given them permission, but they are a little hessitant to be baptized now. Nidia was going to come to church yesterday, but when we passed by her house to go to church, she was getting ready to leave...she had to take one of her kids to the hospital. arg.
Sara is still progressing well. She wasn´t able to come to church yesterday either, but like Nidia, it was a medical problem that came up out of nowhere. Her mom was sick, and Sara had to be with her.
The Amorin Family is doing great! The kids go to seminary, mutual, and church! Seminary is mon-fri at 6am! We´re trying to get the mom to keep coming to church, but she is really busy with her radio station.
not too much new stuff this week...sorry it´s so boring.

Have a great St. Patricks day everybody!


Elder Denton!

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