Tuesday, November 3, 2009

11/3/09 - Letter to the World

Hello family, friends, and everybody else!!
This week has been great! Today was transfers...but we didn´t get a phone call last night...so it looks like Munro has Elder Denton for another 6 weeks (at least!). This has been a good week! First, we found Kevin. We were looking for another contact, and he came to the door of the pensión (a pensión has like 6 apartments inside!) We talked to him, and he let us into his apartment, and we taught him the first lesson, and challenged him to be baptized, and he accepted! Also this week, we were in another pensión talking to an investigator, and as we were leaving, I started talking with a 20-something year old guy, and he invited us to come back. When we went back, he said that he had read, and we talked a bit about the church. As we were about to leave, his sister came out, said that she had been listening, and that she was also interested in listening to our message. We went back on saturday (halloween), to have a lesson with the 2 of them, but there was a party going on in their apartment, but the investigator that we had been talking to initially let us use his apartment to talk with Mario. As we went in, there was somebody already there. It was ANOTHER sibling (little brother) of Mario!!! We taught them the first lesson and challenged them to be baptized. The little brother of mario, José Luis (he´s 18) said that he wanted to be baptized, and also that he would love the opportunity to do what Elder Poteet and i do...go and talk about the gospel with people all day!!!
One of the hardest things here in Munro has been church attendance. This week, it rained all friday, saturday, AND sunday. When there´s rain...church attendance goes down. (There were 30 people in church sunday including missionaries and kids). The miracle was that 2 of these people were investigators!! Tatiana came with a family of members, and José Luis, the little brother of Mario came also!!!!
It was a GREAT sunday!!
Argentina Fact -
I´ve run out...i need questions to answer!!

I love you all. Have an AMAZING week!!
Elder Denton

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