Wednesday, November 18, 2009

11/18/09 Letter to the World

HELLO WORLD!! I don´t know if thanksgiving is this week or next, so i´m going to go ahead and wish you all a happy thanksgiving now!
Okay...we´ve got a couple of investigators that are progressing, so here´s a little update on all of them!
Tatiana - She´s doing ok. She didn´t come to church 2 weeks ago or last week for different reasons, but we do have a date set for December 5th for her baptism. She has to come to church this week and the next to be able to be baptized that week, if not, we´ll have to push her baptism date back.
José Luís - He´s playing hide and go seek with us. We have passed a few times knowing that he is home, but he hasn´t opened the door...and every time that we call his family tells us that he´s out. We´re giving him a couple of days, and then we´ll try again. I hope that we can continue teaching him because i know that he has a testimony of the church. I think that he has problems with what his mom has to say.
Nicolas - AMAZING! We had a lesson with him yesterday, and he continues well! We asked him if he was going to come to church this sunday and he said he can´t come to our ward, but he is going to go to the ward he was assisting before for their primary program...and then he will be baptized next saturday, the 28th!!! His family is not too happy with his descision, and that worried him a little, but when we talked yesterday he told us that he knows that this is what he should be doing, that there isn´t any other thing that brings him the peace and tranquility that he feels when he reads the book of mormon and prays!!Here are some answers to a few of the questions that have been ´thrown my way´so that you all can get a little more perspective on what i do/what it´s like here in Argentina!
Are there ever any ward members / investigators that speak English?
Yea...there are a few members in the ward that speak english (mainly learned on missions). But we don´t really ever talk in english with them. They know i´m trying to learn spanish, so they speak to me in spanish to help!
Do you and Elder Poteet speak much English in your apt.?
I´m going to have to confess that sometimes we do speak english, when we´re really lazy and don´t want to think in another language, but that´s usually only a couple times through the week for a couple of minutes.
How big is the ward(s) that you are in...about how many people?
The ward here has a lot of members, but most of them aren´t active. We have more than 300 in the records, but it´s a good day when we have 70 in the chapel.
In Utah, there is a ward for about every 6-8 square blocks...How big are the ward areas in Munroe? Is Munroe just one ward, or are there several cities that make up a ward?
Munro (no e!) is the name of the ward, and the city is called Villa Marteli. Munro is the name of a neighborhood in the city.
How big is the stake in your area?
8 wards...6 cities.
Argentina Fact - When you go to an ice cream store to buy an ice cream cone, they also give you a little spoon. (like the flavor test spoons)...but to EAT your icecream from the cone. They don´t lick the ice cream off of their cone like in north america.

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