Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Posted 7/7/09 - Letter from Elder Denton

Ok...way mad right now...i had like 15 min left, and i was kicked off of the server, and it erased everything that i had...i now have like 10 min left, so i'll try to write as much as i can. this week has been great! I've had great experiences with the book of mormon! I've been reading in mosiah, and am learning a lot. I never really had a great understanding of the BOM. I have read it like 3 times, but info never really sunk in. I think i was skimming to say i read it, rather than studying, and thinking about the things that i've read. I love reading it now, and seeing all of the stories that we always talk about in sunday school and stuff, but i never knew the referances too, or could never remember reading it for myself. I just finished King Benjamin's address earlier this week, and right now i'm reading about King Noah and Abinidi. Things make so much sense when you know the background to what you are reading! :D On the 4th, there were people dressed up in old style clothes. They walked around the cafeteria, and came up to the missionaries to talk. They were all people who had appeared to wilford woodruff in the st. george temple and asked for their temple work to be done. I never knew that had even happened. The majority of the people were the founding fathers, but other important people from history were also included. One of them was that person that wrote Jane Eyre..or maybe that's her name. I don't know. i'm a little confused! :D On the night of the 4th, we had a fireside sort of thing so that we wouldn't be tempted, or happen to hear the jonas brothers performance at stadium of fire. The fireside was good...ish. It was about the importance of people johans gutenberg, and john calvin, and all the things they did to set the climate, so that when joseph smith recieved the vision, things in the world were right for him to accomplish what needed to be done. About t-shirts. i wrote in a letter home that you'll get in a couple of days..but...i think shirts would be cool, or blankets like the one i got, but with the other Elder's specific missions. either would be awesome, but i definitely don't want you doing anything that is going to take up time that you don't have, or cost too much. There are 8 elders in my district, so if you did the blankets, there would be 7, cuz i've already got mine, and if you did t-shirts, 8! i only told 1 elder in the district about it, and he said he'd like a blanket more than a t-shirt. i ONLY told one, so that elders wouldn't get their hopes up for something that you might not really be able to do...but agian....don't go way out of your way to do anything! If you decide to do either of those let me know, so that i can get you either countries/shirt sizes if you do t-shirts, or so that i can get you countries/and the corresponding names of the elders in my district for blankets if you go that way. i've got like 2 min left, and i'll check my e-mail right before dinner 5:30, just in case you've let me know by then. thanks. love you tons. have a great week..
Elder Denton
P.S. I can't wait to get my letters this week! I know you said you like getting them from me, but i think i enjoy it even more! :D
Hasta Luego(Paz Afuera)
Love, Elder Denton

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