Saturday, July 25, 2009

Only Three More Weeks!

Written 7/21/09.
Sorry about last week, i just sort of ran out of time, and wasn't paying attention to who i was sending letters to.
Anyways, one of the really cool things i found out this week from an Hermana who is going to Argentina Buenos Aires Noth as well, is that Our mission doesn't require visa's any more. I guess that they want to change that for the whole country, but they are starting with Buenos Aires, so i should just get my passport back, and not have to wait, and possibly not get to go because of my visa!!!!!!
This week has been full of great/fun stuff! For gym time, i play a lot of volleyball! If i'm NOT playing volleyball, i am working out, or running. Nothing too fun...but it's been worth it! I was going to try to get here earlier in the day, it's just hard to do. We get up and have 45min of personal time, and i guess i could try doing it then, and have it done before breakfast at 7:45, but i don't know if Elder Gaspar wants to get up that early. Like i said, I'll try! I'm WAY jelous of all ya'll up in Washington. If you're still there today, definitely say hi to Grandma and Grandpa for me! Somebody said something about the postcard i sent being just for grandpa, but make sure grandma knows that it definitely WAS intended for her as well! Say hi to all of the rest of the family up there as well...Sherwoods, Lovelesses, Zollingers, and anybody else i may have forgotten, I love you all! Sunday was an awesome day for me! In sacrament meeting, our Branch president's wife spoke to us on the power of prayer, along with some other things. It was great to hear the things she had to say. From Pres. Weiderhold, the Branch Pres, we got to hear his conversion story. One thing from that which really stuck out to me was this: "The Lord trusts me to be here on my mission, but have i really put all of my trust in him? Do I know that he is the one that called me to where I am going?" I guess for me, it was just one more thing to add to the list of things that i should be praying about daily! The sunday night devotional was also on prayer, but directed in a different manner. Bro. Healey, who spoke to us, talked about how we should be getting out investigators to pray on the first visit. This is really important, because they cannot come to know any spiritual truths without prayer. Hermano Vance (one of my teachers) also talked to us about the importance of getting investigators to pray, and started talking to us about how to get them to pray on the first visit, because a lot of investigators do not feel comfortable praying in front of others. One of the most spiritual experiances that i had this week was when somebody in our district asked another Elder for a blessing. The spirit was amazingly strong, and i definitely felt the love of God for all of us there in that room. It also made me think of how much we are indepentant now, here as elders. We used to rely on our fathers, or other priesthood leaders for blessings, but now we hold the priesthood, and we are capable of doing the lords will, and giving blessings!!! I still think that the best thing about being here in the MTC is that spirit that we feel constantly, but even more so, the extremely strong feeling of the spirit that we get to feel every once in a while.
I love you all, and hope you're having fun!
Elder Denton

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