Wednesday, July 1, 2009

June 23 Letter to Whitney


Wow, I've got like 6 pages worth of dear elder letters all from you, and I've been trying to figure out in which order they go in.

The food is ok. I'm not eating any sugar here tho, so my opinion of the food is very different than most other elders.

We don't sing called to serve that often, I think maybe like 3 or so.

Are you guys going to send me my drivers license?

I think that so far, my fa thing to do is call center.

About 5 of us white guys and 2 samoans living on our floor sing about every night before bed. Today we actually had an audition to sing in a LGM sometime. The lady said she would definitely used us. We sang Hymn 98, I need thee every hour, accapella, with a 4 part harmony. It was awesome. Besides that, every time we pray or sing is in spanish.

I ma back down to only one companion, Elder Gaspar. He's from Virginia. I know there are 2 elders in my zone who would love mail from you. Elders Young and Jones. I don't know the addressess, but they are comps, and I can give them whatever you might want to wright.

I would like the book from the Wahlquists. I didn't mean to leave it.

Did you get a response to whoever is managing elder Hales account?? (He's the only one on because he's the only one in the district going to the same mission as me.

Hale and Denton=Buenos Aires North
Probert and Hatton=Bahia Blanca (Argentina)
McCutchan and Stuart=Paraguay, Souncion
Gaspar=Salta, Argentina

Bronchitis recovery is over! Elder McCutchan is all better now too, but his comp, elder Stuart got swine flu. :( He was in quarantine for like 5 days. He got out this morning.

My anticipated departure date is the same, only the "Advanced" Districts leave early. All of the Elders in my district came in on the same day as I did.

District=6-15 missionaries who go to all classes, devo's, and meals together. All are @ the same level of Spanish.

Zone/Branch=a bunch of districts who meet togther on Sundays, have the same basic schedule as you, and speak the same language. All come in @ different times, and leave @ different times

*Hermana Buhler is in my zone. Their daily classroom is right next to mine.

I haven't heard of anybody not liking the call center, my District all loves it. We go at any time that we can.

I more go and play volleyball each gym time that we have. Sometimes I go running.

I think I'm going to get another card. I only have the 1.

I got the package a day after you all expected it to get here. And yes...all of your letters show:

Next letter--letter#xxxxxxx. Letter was recieved on (Date) Sender: (Name) (Address)

my laundry is almost done.
Gotta go.

Love ya,
Elder Denton

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