Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Test E-mail

While it was a short e-mail, it has an important change and a couple of requests!

Hey! This is my e-mail. I'm in a new district from when i entered, because
i got bumped up to the intermediate class, so i also have a new mailbox that
probably needs to be updated for when you are sending me physical letters.
My new mailbox number is 98. I think that's the only thing that has
changed. Send me something short back to make sure that this all works, but
for longer letters and stuff, is the best way to do it so that
i'm not sitting here on the computer spending my 30min of mail time just
reading stuff! (i don't know if anybody has tried, but i have not recieved
anything through the mail yet, including from fyi!!)
Love ya tons! have a great day! I'll probably write later again, but this
is just for testing!! :D Have a GREAT day!

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