Wednesday, June 17, 2009


His mission blanket. Uncle Bill pointed out that Argentina resembles a face and Buenos Aires it the eye.

Embroidered in the corner of another blanket.

You can see it at the bottom there.

Yes he is!

A family picture--minus dad behind the camera and Whitney on the road. We went to Mimi's Cafe for breakfast before he took off.

Hugging Uncle Stephen goodbye

Hugging Aunt Tiffiney goodbye

Hugging TJ goodbye

Awww...Forrest doesn't really want to touch him...

But he does anyway! Last time for 2 years!

Hugging Grammy goodbye.

Calming Grammy down a little. This is her first grandchild to go!

Hugging his favorite sister goodbye :D

See! We do love each other!

Everyone shows their love in different ways...Aunt Ginger uses the lint roller.

Father and Son--Dad got his wish of having his children be taller than him!

Don't really know what's going on here...

Much better!

Family photo!

Mother and Son

My dad likes to watch the progression of the lady in the fluorescent vest--the one who literally kicked Kyle to the curb.

Just taking down information to start...

Waiting for them to hurry up with the unloading.

Putting stuff on luggage

Look at that smile! I believe my dad quoted her as saying "Yes! Another successful separation!"

Last bit of lovin.
Hugging mom goodbye for 2 years.

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