Monday, June 29, 2009

From 6/23/09...

Hey there!

Elder Ludwig, the guy McKenzie knew was in the first district that i was in. I haven't seen him too much tho, because he actually got the swine flu, and was in quarantine for like 5 days. Also, one of the elders in MY district, Elder Stuart had the swine flu, and just got out of quarantine today. We have been on tamiflu for the past like 5 days, and have to stay on it for 10 total, just to make sure we don't get any bug.

I haven't met andrew jones, but i'm keeping my eyes open. I think Elder Hales, one of the guys in our district who is also going to Buenos Aires North, thinks he met him a couple of days ago though.

I also thought i met let you know that i'm not eating any sugar while i'm here. I really appreciate the package that i got, and my district REALLY enjoyed the bag of Mike-and-ikes. I don't know if you've already sent out the package for this week, if you have, sorry, but today was the first day that i could write. If you want to keep sending goodies, i'm sure they'd enjoy! :D haha. I know that you have the one free thing from, that has the cookies and sure to send that, cuz it's free, and my district will definitely not let it go to waste!

I have a pair of pants from mens warehouse (or whatever the place is called that you picked the stuff up for me) that is broken. The zipper never got connected, and just fell off because it wasn't attatched to thte other side.

I can't think of anything else that i was going to tell you at the moment, but i've got like 15 min of time left today. My laundry is going right now, so i'll probably be back on in an hour or so to check and see if i got anything back!

Love ya. Talk to ya later. See ya!

Hey! How'd the wedding go? Did you go to the actually sealing, or did you just take pics? What temple was it at? Draper? I think that's what i remember. [SLC, actually]

I don't know about the chips, i didn't eat any of the Dorito's from last week, but my district enjoyed them as well! I'm just trying to loose weight...

I'd love to see some of the pics from the wedding. Whit did send me a pic, it

I've got like 8 min left. If you're on the comp, and have anything else to say, i'll prob check one more time for the day around 5:20ish.

Well...i'm bored, have some extra time, and thought i'd write a little about the last week.

So...Elder Hales, Gaspar, and I were companions when i last wrote you...then Elder Stuart got Swine flu, so Elder Mccutchan and Elder Hales Became companions. Now, Elder stuart is back, and to help him catch up from the last couple of days, Elder Hales is staying with elders Mccutchan and Stuart.

Today, the 2 other elders that were staying in our dorm moved to his mission, the other to be a temp missionary in the RC while waiting on his visa to activate.

ALSO today, Elders Probert, Hales, Mccutchan, Hatton and I (1 district), elder young (another district, but in our zone), and 2 samoan elders that live on our floor, but are in a different district AND zone all have been practicing, and had an audition for a 'special musical number'

The lady said that she would have us sing somewhere, but she doesn't know for what yet. It would be AMAZING if it was at the devo on fri night, because we're all pretty sure Pres. Monson is going to be speaking.

This week is training for all of the new Mission Presidants and their wives, and it's done here...but ALSO, the entire quorum of the 12 and first presidence will be here. They get here thur, and leave sat..(pretty sure)..i know they are here for like 2ish days. Anyways, it's going to be AMAZING because the Presidency and quorum of the 12 is just going to be like..hanging out around the MTC! :D IF you can't tell, i'm pretty excited about that!!!

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