Saturday, June 13, 2009

Elder Denton Enters the MTC

On Tuesday, 6/9/09 at 9pm Kyle was set apart by President Tate. The following morning we had a family breakfast and Connie and I drove him to the MTC. We arrived 45 minutes early and I asked him if he wanted to go drive around. He indicated that he had an old EFY leader who was going to meet him at the door and that 5 of his friends were going into the MTC on the same, he wanted to get dropped off, but thanks! We received our courtesy 2 minute parking time limit at the curb. Luggage was placed to the side and a kind sister who meant well said, "give him a hug...we'll take good care of him." Well, as you can imagine, the sprinklers magically came on and sprayed Connie right in the face! After a long hug it was my turn and I managed to choke out some very deep wisdom. "You'll do great!" I said. Wait...I want a re-do! Nope, too late. Next thing we know is we're looking back over our shoulder just in time to see him turn through the doors and disappear, with a big smile on his face! GD

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  1. That story gave me chills. Well whether it's 2 minutes or 20 minutes, it is still very difficult. You will hold onto that memory for 2 years until he is back in your arms again as a man instead of a young man/teenager.