Monday, November 22, 2010

11/22/10 - Letter to the World


First off, i´d like to wish ya´ll a HAPPY TURKEY DAY wherever you are!

We had a great BUSY week, and we didn´t let the BUSY keep us from doing what we had put goals to do!

Monday was just a rotten day, and we didn´t acheive much...
On tuesday, Elder Tapia came, and that night we only had 3 hours to work.
Wednesday I had to go to immigrations in the morning, come back to La Boca for lunch, and then turn around and take a 40minute bus ride to a district meeting, and then 40 minutes back...
Thursday and Friday we were in leadership trainging meetings from 8am to about 4pm - and the trainging was about and hour and a half away from La Boca.
Friday, after the training, we did divisions with the assistants. Elder Tapia stayed in San Fernando, and i was with - ELDER LABRA!!! He was my companion before elder Smith. We were together for 6months in Lopez Camelo, and he was made assistant this week! So friday and saturday with his was GREAT, and we found 6 new investigators together!
Sunday, Elder Tapia was finally back here...we are going to be on splits with the elders quorum EVERY DAY this week - and with all of the training, and divisions, elder Tapia has to learn the area - and quick, otherwise he´s going to be lost!! haha.

This saturday we have a baptism! Jennifer Ojeda! She´s been listeing for a while now, and we´ve been trying to make sure that her mom will stay strong coming to church every week to bring Jennifer, because she´s only 11, and can´t come alone...and the mom isn´t a member, and isn´t married either, which means she can´t be baptized until that situation is fixed up.

Well....that´s all folks! Have a GREAT day!


Elder Denton

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