Sunday, November 21, 2010

11/1/10 - Letter to the World

Wow - Can you believe that it´s already November?
Well, things are going great here in La Boca. So, the turtle that ya´ll saw last week was just a set up...they don´t eat turtle here, that was the family pet where we went to eat lunch last sunday! haha.
Well, this week was more or less normal. We did divisions for 2 days with one of our District Leaders, and i´m sure that this week we are going to be doing more divisions to help with some training.
I´m pretty sure i´ve told you about Benjamin and Daisy before, but for the doubts - Benjamin and Daisy are a young couple who have friends that are members.
They started coming to church about a month ago, and they really like it.
They have to get married, and will be heading out this week to go to the civil register to get a date to be married. We met with them on monday, and the mom was sick, but we had a lesson with benjamin and the 10yr old son, Maxamiliano. This kid is a genious. We taught him lesson one, and it was AMAZING how much he understood, and the questions that he asked, and the comparisons that he made, and the comments that he made...he would say stuff like - ´´so, if i understand right, Jesus called the apostles to help him teach the people, but when they died there was nobody else who had the authority to teach until God called Joseph Smith, right?´´ Elder Smith and i were so shoked by his answers, and it was funny to see his dad beaming with pride for his son, and his knowledge because of the dumbstruck faces that we had. At one point Elder Smith gave Maxi his bag with his scriptures and said ´´hey, you can come with us now to teach!!´´ haha.
On tuesday we had a family home evening with the family that brought Alexis to church, but with that family, and the brother of the dad of the family. It was supposed to be a FHE, and nothing more, but we quickly turned it into a lesson for him. He´s sort of stiff, and doesn´t want to change too much now, but was just about to be baptized a few months ago...we´ve just gotta figure out what´s up.
Wednesday was a nation wide census. We weren´t able to leave our Apt.
until 6pm...when we were able to leave, we just went to the church for our missionary coorelation mtg. with our ward mission leader.
Thursday and Friday i was in divisions in another area, and while i was gone, my comp found a bunch of families to teach from bolivia.
We went back on saturday to talk with the dad. Bolivians tend to be quite timid, and it´s hard for them to trust others right off the, we´re gonna try to go back with our bishop, because he´s from the same city in Bolivia as they are.
Well...that basically wraps up the week!
Have a great week, and HAPPY ANIVERSARY TO MOM AND DAD ON SUNDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Have a great 23rd (i think...!)
Elder Denton

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