Sunday, November 21, 2010

11/15/10 - Letter to the World

Elder Denton w/new companion, Elder Tapia
I can´t believe that it´s already the middle of November - its almost thanksgiving...¿next thursday? ¿or this thursday?

I´m gonna be honest - last week was not even close to the top of the ´good weeks´ in the mission...BUT THIS WEEK ROCKED!

Elder Smith and i have been working so hard this last month and a half to figure out HOW to really work with the members, and we finally did it! The key was doing divisions with members, and being with them for a lot of the time! We had a member to accompany us EVERY DAY and there were only like 2 days that we didn´t have 2 members to be able to do divisions. We taught 15 lessons with members, and only 1 other (because we were basically always with the members)

On monday, Elder Smith was with Fabio, a 17 year old in the ward, and they found a family - the Gaspar´s. They are an AMAZING family. There is Jose and Norma (the parents), and then Maria(23ish), Silvina(10), and Josecito(8) (The kids) They are all very interested. In one of the lessons, we asked Jose what he though God was telling him in that moment, and he said ´´I need to spend more time with my family..i want to stop working Sunday´s´´ WHAT A MIRACLE! We haven´t even taught ´´keeping the sabbath day holy´´, we taught it then! He has a few more weeks of sundays that he has to go to, and then he´ll be off to go to church! Both of the parents have to get divorces from previous marriages, and then get married. It´s going to be a long process, but the 3 kids have baptismal dates for december 4th! We went to pick them up to go to church, and when we walked into where they live and knocked on the door, and nobody answered. 2 seconds later, Maria came running in and said that they were all waiting for us outside at the corner, but we had come another way, so we didn´t see them, but they saw us when we went down the passageway where they live.

That´s the BIG story of the week! They all REALLY enjoyed going to church, and are excited to go next week. The kids got a little bored because it was stake conference, but they know that there are going to be special classes for them next week!

The other exciting news for this last week is that BENJAMIN Y DEISY HAVE A WEDDING DATE! January 14th. It´s a long ways away, and Deisy is even gonna go to see if she can get it moved forward.

Well...that´s about it for the week. My new companion is ELDER TAPIA!! He´s from Bariloche, Argentina, and he´s great! He´s been in the mission for about 13 months, and this is his first Transfer as a Zone Leader!

Have a GREAT week everybody!


Elder Denton

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