Monday, August 2, 2010

8/2/10 - Letter to the World

Hello World!!

Wow - I love the mission! This week we finally had some good time to work! Lately we´ve been having a lot of meetings, but this week we only had two.

Ok - So we thought that everything was ok with Ada, but on Tuesday when we saw her, she didn´t want us to go inside, but we convinced her to let us talk to find out what was wrong. She had a pretty serious doubt, and was a little but confused about what to do. We helped her to recognize all of the blessings that she has recieved, and it helped her (and me) build her testimony about the church. She has been truly blessed these last couple of months since we met her. At the end, she said that everything was ok for her baptism on saturday but we went by the next day, and we knew that she was home, but she wouldn´t even open the door. We didn´t see her until saturday morning - and she told us that she didn´t want to continue, and that she didn´t want to tell us why either. We are praying a lot for her, and have have the faith that she will be baptized in the next couple of weeks.

Macarena is progressins SUPER well! We have been seeing her almost every day because argentina is on winter break, and today she started classes again, and we are only going to be able to see her on wednesday, and then on saturday before her baptismal interview. She is super excited for her baptism this weekend...i think that she´s more excited than anybody that i´ve ever taught, and the reasons is that she is very smart, and understands the reason for her baptism. She has expressed to us that she regrets the years that she wasted studying in other places, but is glad that she has found the true Church of Jesus Christ!

If you remember about a month ago, we baptized a kid named Jonathan Gimenez (9 yrs old). We found him for activating the family of his aunt. His aunt gave us lunch the other day, and knew that there wasn´t going to be anybody older than 18, so she invited a neighbor, who was a reference that they had given us before, and we were never able to find at home. We had actually talked to him in the bus a few months ago, but said that he didn´t have anywhere to recieve the lesons. We ate lunch with them, and he told us while we were eating that if we wanted, Jonathan´s Aunt had offered to let us use her house, and he wanted to listen to us, and he wants to be baptized!!! um..YES WE WOULD LOVE TO TEACH YOU!! So we taught him lesson 1, and in the middle of the lesson, one of Jonathans brothers stopped by who is 14, and we started teaching him too! Jonathan reminded us that day that saturday was his 10th birthday, so we stopped, and his mom, and some other siblings were there! The mom didn´t want to participate, she said that she was just going to listen. We taught lesson one, and she wasn´t paying very much attention until i asked her a question, and used her name specifically. she looked at me, and couldn´t answer cuz she wasn´t paying attention, but from there to the end payed attention, and when we were leaving she said that she was going to go to church on sunday! We didn´t even have to invite her!

on sunday, Jonathan, his aunt, his great aunt, the friend of his aunt (Matías), and a whole bunch of kids showed up at church. They had to leave to go the the cemetary after sacramente meeting, but we visited them later sunday night, and they all said that they had a great time at church! Matías has a baptismal date for the 14th of August!

I love this work, and know that my Heavenly Father is helping us here in Lopez Camelo.

I love you all for your support and encouragement!


Elder Denton

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