Monday, July 26, 2010

Hey World!

Well, it was a busy week here in Lopez Camelo. Lots of travel, but we´re still getting some work done! We found a family of 5, 3 of which are older than 8. The Silva Family. The daughter is 8 years old, and we found this family through them. Malena is friends with Jonathan Gimenez (9yrs old, and baptized about 3 weeks ago). She went to his baptism with an aunt, and after seeing him baptized, decided that she too wanted to be baptized. We talked with the aunt, and got the information to go to her house. The Parents are great! - Oswaldo and Synthia. They both work alot, but are also very receptive, especially Synthia!

Macarena Radolovic is the friend of Jimena Acuña, who was baptized the week after Jonathan Gimenez. Macarena is also progressing very well, and had her second church attendance yesterday. She had to leave early, but enjoyed the meeting none the less! We had a lesson with her and the family of Jimena a few days ago, and Jimena shared her testimony with Macarena! It was AMAZING being able to see a recent convert sharing her testimony with an investigator!

We´re working with another family, Richard and Noelia. They are living in a house with a LOT of other family, some of which are members, but haven´t been to church in YEARS, and are not very good examples to them. They want to change their lives, and get out of the pit that they are in. We are very excited for them! They were going to come to church today - i even called sunday morning at 8, and everything was fine - but they didn´t show up. I hope nothing has happened.

Ada Paye is the next programmed baptism that we have. If it´s out Heavenly Fathers will, she will be baptized here in Lopez Camelo this Saturday. Last week, one of her sisters died, and left behind a 7yr old Daughter. The dad has to work, and asked Ada to go an live with them to take care of the daughter while he is at work. She started packing her stuff, and was going to leave in the moment, and then her daughter started talking to her about what a rash decision she was going to make - especially since she only met her brother-in-law 2 or 3 times. He wanted her to move at the end of this week - on saturday morning to be exact - but we told her that her daughter was right, and that she needed to pray before making such a big decision, and leaving behind everything that she has.
I don´t want to see her leave, but if it´s God´s will, she´ll be leaving soon to take care of her Niece. I think we´ll know tonight what´s going to happen.

Guillermo Gomez was baptized on Saturday, and confirmed memeber of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints on Sunday! The baptismal service was small, but great! One of Guillermo´s aunts passed away the week before his baptism, and for respect, they didn´t have any sort of reception after the wedding, so, we bought a cake, and had a mini-party after the baptism! We´re still not giving up on Jimena. We want to know what happened to make her stop listening to us. The posative is that she came to the baptism, and to the confirmation on sunday! They´re on their Honey Moon now for the Next 7 days - they´re going Skiing in Mendoza!

I Love you all, and wish you the best in everything that you do!


Elder Denton

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