Monday, August 16, 2010

8/16/10 - Letter to the World

Marta (Aunt), Ariel Jimenez, Jonathan Jimenez (Brother), Hermana Élida Escobar (Aunt), Can't remember the little girls name, Matías Montenegro (He should be baptized this week!!!)

Hello World!

Like i´ve told everybody that i´ve written today, we´re going to play Soccer with the zone, and we have to be at the soccer field in about 15 minutes.

Ariel Jimenez was baptized on saturday (no problems with the water this time - we were VERY carefull checking and reachecking that everything was going to work!) It was a small baptismal service, but amazing! 2 recent converts gave talks! Jonathan Jimenez, and Macarena. The person that was GOING to give the other talk had a family member pass away, so when Macarena got to the baptizm, i asked her if she would give a 3 min talk about the holy ghost. she said that she didn´t have any clue what to talk about, but we gave her a scripture to read, and told her to read it, and then bear her testimony about what she read. It was AMAZING! She gave a talk as though she had been a member all her life!

Next week we are planning Matias´s baptism. It was going to be this last weekend, but he didn´t make it to his baptismal interview - oops.

Yesterday Elder Labra and i did splits with 2 members. I went with a 19yr old kid, David, who is preparing to go on his, last week i talked with a guy in the street, and he siad that we could go to his house. we went, and he wasn´t there, but we found out that their hose is ALSO a church (which is pretty common around here). Anyways, we were supposed to go back on saturday, but with preparing for the baptism and everything, we didn´t have time, so i went with David. It´s a Evangelical church (is evangelical a religion??) i don´t really know how to say it in inglish - una iglesia evangelico. Anyways - we got there, and they let us in. Long story short, we found 7 new investigators, and they want us to go back this saturday to teach them more. I left them with a book of mormon, and each one said that they would read it!

I love you all, and hope you have a great week!

(Next week are transfers - i´ll be online TUESDAY, not Monday!)


Elder Denton

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