Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Hey Family, Friends, and Everybody else!

I Hope that everybody is doing well, and that you are all having a great week! I had an AMAZING week!
As i wrote last week, we had been preparing the baptisms for Rocio Fernandez and Jimena Acuña...welllllll.....Rocio´s 2 year old little boy decided that he was going to get Chicken pox this last week.

The baptism was all planned for friday - interviews in the morning, and baptisms at 5pm, right after the ward activity finished. Rocio called us on thursday night and told us that she was going to have to wait another week because of her son. I was crushed. I was so excited for the baptisms, and the progress of these people, and didn´t want to see them have to wait even longer to get baptized. We wanted to meet our weekly goal that we had put to have 2 baptisms, and if you remember Nicolas Leiva, he almost got baptized a few weeks ago, but then he got sick. We had a lesson with him, and he told us that he had been having doubts because of what some people had told him, and he wasn´t sure anymore....

We knew that Nicolas was going to be in the church playing soccer in the morning at the same time that Jimena was having her interview, but we couldn´t get ahold of him to confirm anything. When we got to the church, we had the interview with Jimena, and then went outside to talk with Nicolas. We asked him if he´d like to be baptized that same day, and expressed again that he had some doubts still. Elder Labra and I were with Elder Rodriguez and Elder Pearson, because Elder Pearson had done the interviews, and we all noticed that Nicolas was there in the church with all of the lessons, the person who he had chosen before to baptize him (Gustavo Romano) was also there playing soccer, the person to do the interview was there, we had white clothes, and the baptismal font was being filled for Jimena.

We decided to go inside, and had him pray to ask Heavenly Father if he needed to be baptized that day. He did it, and still felt a little uneasy. We said - Ok - how about you have your interview with Elder Pearson, and after the interview, you can choose.

He agreed, and about 40min later they finished. When we asked how he felt, he said ´I feel great - and i want to be baptized today!´ I don´t know how to express the joy i felt! Elder Labra and Elder Pearson ran to our appartment to call his parents, and tell them that their son was going to be baptized at 5. They said -ok...we´ll be there!´ Which was a HUGE step for them, because they didn´t want to go to the church before.

There were 60 in the baptism, and the spirit was WAY strong! Jimena and Nicolas´s parents were really emotional, and afterwards, Nicolas was also.

Nicolas has an interview today with somebody in the bishopric to get the priesthood on sunday!

Rocio will be baptized this Saturday, and we´re going to see if Ada wants to be baptized this week too...she knows that the church is true, but wants to be even more sure...

I´ve written a lot already. Sorry.

We met our new mission president yesterday. We´re going to continue having a lot of success here! The next week is the wedding of the Gomez family, and their baptisms!

I love you all! Thanks for everything that you do!
Love, Elder Denton

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