Monday, May 3, 2010

5/3/10 - Letter to the World

Ok - First of all, i´m WAY EXCITED - Why? - Because my brother Cody got his mission call on Wednesday, and he´s going to Nicaragua!!!! Wahoo! Congrats Cody! - I mean - Elder Denton (2) !!!

This week has been great!

Gonzalo Oriento is a 13 yr old kid who was a reference from a recent convert. We´ve been teaching him a ton, and he came to church on Sunday! He has a baptismal date for 2 more weeks!!

Grasiela - We met Grasiela in the Chaple. A member brought her to mutual with her daughter. We´ve already taught her the first 3 lessons, and she is progressing great - the only problem is that her spouse needs to get divorced from his first wife, and they need to get married. (she also came to church yesterday!!)

Ismael - Ismael hasn´t come to the last 2 meetings that we´ve set up with him, and he didn´t come to church either. We´re gonna have to see what happens with him.

Mario and Teresa - Teresa is Evangelistic, and her son, Mario, is listening to us more than she is. Mario couldn´t come to church this last sunday because he was watching his grandkids. He has commited to come to church this week!

Elizabet, Belen, and Rebecca - Elizabet was a reference from our assistand ward mission leader. They all came to the baptism of Ximena Amorin on April 10th, and the mom came to church the following sunday. Yesterday they didn´t come to church, and when we went to talk with them, the mom had gotten sick - She said that she´ll be in church next sunday.

Juarez Family - We found them on Saturday Night, at like 7pm. The parents are married, and they have 2 daughters that are older than 8 that can be baptized! They are catholic, but not practicing...did i mention that they are married!!!!! - It´s very rare.

There is lots of progress here in Lopez Camelo, and i imagine that it will only continue!

Love ya´ll

Elder Denton

Note from Dad - for anybody who wants to follow his mission.

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