Monday, May 24, 2010

5/24/10 - Letter to the World


Well...(me parece que no me estoy portando bien) - sorry---i don´t know how to say that in inglish. - i guess i´m not behaving well?? i think that´s right...anyways -At the beginning of this transfer i was with Elder Labra...then came elder Parra, and now i´m with a Peruvian - Elder Roman. - i´m behaving well, but Elder Labra and I were talking, and we realized that it would be important to do divisions with another pair of elders in our Zone, so, when Elder Labra talked with President to finish the first transfer, with elder Smith and Elder Parra, he talked about doing transfers with the others - and President also thought that it would be a good idea.
We were going to finish transfers this morning, but President wants us to continues for another week...

This week has been great!

Mon until Wed morning, i was with elder Parra, and then the 3 companionships met up at a central church building, and did the other switch!

Elder Roman has about 3 months less that me in the Mission. We are working hard, and the work will be paying off this weekend!

Gonzalo Oriente - He´s progressing VERY well!! We only have to teach him about tithing and fasting. He will have his baptismal interview on Wednesday - Baptism on the 29th!

Oscar Buttaro - Also - progressing verry well! Oscar is the kid that, after the 2nd lesson with us, said - At first i was coming to church for one of the girls that goes there - but i felt something different at church, and i want to be baptized.
A few days latter, he said that he wanted to wait a little bit longer to be baptized with another kid his age who is listening to us. I left him with a part of the book of mormon to read, and told him that after, he should pray, and ask Heavenly Father if he should be baptized on May 29th. The next time we went to visit him, i asked him how it went and he said - ´i did what you told me to, and i felt something different´ i said - will you prepare to be baptized on the 29th? and he said yes!!!! - His interview is on Thursday!

Guillermo y Jimena (he men uh) - SACARON FECHA PARA CASARSE!!!!! They are going to be married July 22nd, and baptized the next day! It´s about 2 months away, but that´s what we have to deal with with the way they do weddings here...

I don´t have too much else to say - the other investigators are progressing well, and hopefully we´ll see baptisms more regularly!

I Love you all, and hope that everybody is doing well!


Elder Denton

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