Monday, May 17, 2010

5/17/10 - Letter to the World


Everything started out VERY well on monday! After p-day, elder Labra and I found 4 new investigators!

Tuesday, at noon, Elder Labra and i met up with Elder Smith, one of our district leaders, and his companion, elder parra. (elder parra has only 3 weeks in the mission!) We changed companions, and elder parra and i went to the district meeting of my other district leader, and then came back here to lopez camelo. We got back to lopez camelo with only a few hours, and we found 5 more investigators!!! A family of 8.

Wednesday, we had a very long day. A lot of our plans fell through, but we found a family of 11, and 3 new investigators!

On thursday, we had a lot of lessons planned, and taught a lot. We´re focusing a lot in teaching ¨Keep the sabbath day holy¨

Friday, we also had a lot to do, and out assistent mission leader came with us for about 2hrs.

Saturday, to meet our goal, we needed to have 5 lessons with a member present. One of the youth in the ward agreed to accompany us for a little while. After about 3 hrs i said - we have some other appts, but they are a bit further away - you can go home if you want. He said that he didn´t have anything to do, and we ended up having 5 lessons that day with a member present!!!

Sunday was great! We had 7 investigators in the church. Guillermo Gomez (his girlfriend was sick, and didn´t come), his mom, and his step dad, Graciela, Guillermo and Jessica Biotti (Guillermo is the older brother of Gustavo Romano, who was baptized a few months ago) with their 4 girls, and Oscar - one of the kids that came last week, and who was in the lesson that we had 2 weeks ago after mutual with a bunch of the non-members that showed up!

After church, we went and had lunch, and then went to contact a reference. A member told us that the parents are less active, but that there are kids there that haven´t been baptized. We found Jimena - she´s 18 years old, and goes to the evangelic church - but she commited to read the book of mormon and pray. We taught her to pray, but she was embarresed to do it, but when we left, she asked us if we would right down the steps to pray so that she could pray after reading the book of mormon!!!!

Gonzalo Oriento was going to be baptized this saturday, but he ended up going to his grandma´s house this weekend, and didn´t come to church.
Nicolas Leiva, another one of the kids that was in the lesson with 6 after mutual didn´t come either, so he los his baptismal date of the 29th.

Gonzalo can still be baptized the 29th, and oscar, the kid that came to church yesterday, also has a baptismal date for the 29th!

I hope that everything is going well at home for everybody!!

Love ya´ll,

Elder Denton

(PS...i still don´t know when elder labra will be back. We were talking, and even if he does come back, we are going to have to do another exchange this week to help a companionship that is worrying i don´t know how much time we´ll be together.)

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