Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Letter to the World ~ 9/9/09

Dear all Nations, Kindred, Toung, and People (i.e., whoever is reading this!)
¿¡¿Como Andan?!?
This weeks weather was about a 180 from last was FREEZING! We´ve had some miracles over the last weeks! We met a guy named Javier. We taught him the first lesson, and left him the book of mormon, and had him read 3 Nephi 11 before our next visit. When we saw him next he said he had read it !!!!....he had understood it!!!!!!...and when we asked him if he was planning on comming to church, he told us yes, and asked us if he could bring a friend!!!!!!!....that is like...the golden of golden! (i just realized that i talked about javier last week, but he was cristofer last week. cristopher is his first given name, but he goes by javier...just to clear that up!) We have some people that we have been teaching sort of on and off, becuase we see them all the time in the street, but the other day, we realized that there are like 4 different people that we know that are all realated, and we didn´t even realize it! We had an amazing meeting (that sounds too formal) (charla) with them, in a pool hall/bar, of all places. (don´t was after closing, and they run the place...that might have to change!) They wanted to know the basic differences between us and other churches. Elder Poteet and i explained about the great apostasy, joseph smith, and the priesthood that we have in the church. I felt the spirit really strong when we were teaching, and i realized that, wow, this all really makes sense! I knew it before, but the spirit reaffirmed it for me! I LOVE those moments!
Fun Fact from Argentina - Most of the houses here have gates around the property, and it is not appropriate to enter the gate to knock the door, so instead of knocking doors/ringing doorbells, one would have to clap their hands outside of the gate/or even at the door to get the attention of anybody inside. It is also really common that, if there is a door off of the street, when you go inside, there is a long cooridor with a bunch of other doors to peoples houses.
I Love you all, and pray for all of you every day!
Elder Denton

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