Thursday, September 17, 2009

A "Behind the Scenes" Letter that was ok to publish

Below is a 9/16/09 response to an email I had sent to Elder Denton on 9/15/09. I had told him that I had forwarded his picture to our ward newsletter, and because he had lost about 55 lbs at this point since leaving on his mission many people hadn't recognized him in the picture at first and there were many inquiries as to how he was doing. I asked if he was losing weight the "smart" way, or was he feeling lousy and that caused the weight loss. I asked his eating patterns. I was curious if he had purchased any new clothes since he told me he's down to his last belt (he took 3) and has been punching holes in that one, his shirts hang very loose on him around the neck, plus they hang on him, and he doesn't have to unbotton his pants to put them on or off any longer...his mission mom recommended he go to a local seamstress and get them taken in. Kyle has started forwarding emails back to me (his mailbox was getting too full already) and I have began an electronic journal of all of his letters, pictures, etc for him. I also asked him to think about forwarding his emails to the mission president each week (a requirement for each missionary) if they weren't too personal so I could add those to his journal as well.

I'm glad that so many people are enjoying hearing about what´s going on here in argentina! I´m having a great time, and hope that everybody is having a good time who's along for the ride! The weight loss is still going well...I feel healthier...a little i guess, but i still have weight to lose. I don´t feel like crap at all, i´m just eating better, and excercising every day. The eating is one thing that´s really helped i think. With all the fruit down here, i basically have desert every day, but it´s an orange or and apple or something. They serve a TON of food for the meals. Lunch is the biggest meal of the day, and i usually can´t finish the first serving. That´s usually around 12 or 1...and then we don´t eat again, if at all, until right before bed. That´s just the culture here..there really isn´t a dinner. For me, it´s not been hard at all, because we always have so much work that we´re doing, there isn´t really time to be hungry.
I haven´t gotten any new clothes yet, but i definitely have enough money...i don´t know if mom told you, but the money exchange really works in my favor. 40 dollars USA is like 150pesos, and we only live with 120 pesos every week...very good! When we took our laundry to be washed, we asked the lady that works there, and she told us where we could find a seemstress. As far as shirts...i don´t know when, but i´ll get some new ones soon! Thank you for everything that you´ve done, are doing, and will do! You´re awesome! I´ll keep sending letters to be added to the journal thing. I´m not sure about the letter to the mission pres...i don´t think there´s anything personal in there...but i´ll read over them, and send them if i feel like it :D lol. Thanks again for everything, and have a great week!
Elder Denton

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