Wednesday, September 2, 2009

9/2/09 - Letter to All...From Elder Denton

Dear Family, Friends, and anybody Else who wants to hear about my adventures in Argentina,
We´re working hard here in Munro, and having crazy mood swings in the weather. It was like 90 degrees the other day, with way too much humidity, and the next day (and the last couple of days) has been rainy and cold. Oh well...that´s the life huh!
Ok, over the last week, we´ve done a lot of ´sorting out´ from our area book. We´ve been trying to see who is progressing, who will progress, and who isn´t. We ended up having to drop a lot of our investigators. It is super hard to drop an investigator. Yesterday we were walking by the house of a former investigator, and wanted to visit, but i knew that they weren´t going to change, and am trying to stay super focused on the people who WILL change, and who are diligently praying to find answers.
On monday we had exchanges with the district leader. I was with Elder Hymas, his companion, and was in the Bolougne area for the day. It was a great experiance to learn and expand, and to see different ways to teach the same doctrine.
While i was gone, Elder Poteet and our District Leader, Elder Vega found a new investigator to teach. We had the first lesson with him yesterday. His Name is Cristofer, and the lesson went really well! At the end, we challenged him to be baptized on the 20th of September. Horacio, i think i wrote about him last week, has run into a problem. On sundays, he has to go to tortugitu ( i have no idea how to spell it) to help his son with some renovations in his house, and will be doing that for the next month. We´re going to continue visiting him durring the week, but because they have to have 3 church attendances before they can be baptized, it´s going to be a little while. I´m sorry i can´t write too much more, i always find that i don´t have as much time as i would like to tell you everything that is going on here.
Fun Fact from Argentina - The police here ALWAYS have their lights flashing on the top of their cars. I don´t really know what they do, because i´ve never seen anybody pulled over, but from what i´ve heard, the only way to know if they want you to pull over is if they turn on their sirens.
Love to all!
Elder Denton

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