Monday, October 25, 2010

10/25/10 - Letter to the World

Hello World!

Well, we had a pretty good week! Like i think i said last week, Alexis had his baptismal date set for the 23rd, and we had a LOT of work to do to get him prepared to his interview on the 22nd. The last week, we couldn´t find him at all, and we only had like one lesson with him, so this week, we had a lesson with him EVERY DAY! Mon, Tues, Wed, AND Thurs. On thursday, we finished up teaching all of the commandments, and we did a ´mock´ interview, and he passed with flying colors! Alexis is a REALLY smart kid, and he learns really fast! His interview was on Friday, and he was supposed to be there at 4.30...i think we ended up getting to the church with him at around 5, and he has a quick interview, and then elder smith and i had to run to meet up with some other missionaries to do an interview for them! That´s kind of the story of our week - there was a lot of running around trying to get things in order. Elder Smith and I were hopping that after the first week things would start to slow down, and calm down as we got into the groove of things, but that still hasn´t happned. Oh well!
The baptism on Saturday was GREAT! We share our chapple with another ward, and the elders in that ward also had a baptism. Elder Rayme and Elder Trayner (From SoJo Utah!! Woot! He´s good friends with Steven Davis) We wanted to combine the 2 baptisms, but the bishop of the other ward wasn´t too fond of the idea. At the end, he gave in, and we combined the 2, and it wsa amazing! The spirit was really strong! It was also a great opportunity for Alexis´s parents to get to know some of the members - even though they already know the family that brought Alexis to church every week!

We are working really hard with the members here. President Gulbrandsen and his wife came out with us on saturday to have a family home evening. He wanted to show us a way to get a lot of references, and it worked really well! It is something that has been in effect for a couple of years now here in Arg, but it´s like super updated, and more in tune with the spirit! Instead of just asking for the names of the people that they know, we also make SPECIFIC plans with each of the people that they know that live in the ward boundries so that the stuff isn´t all just left up in the air.

I can´t really think of anything else to say...thanks to everybody that´s writting me lately - Josh Poteet, Jaimee, the Peterson Family, The Wahlquists, the Jorgensens, (and my immediate family of course!) ...letters will be coming your way shortley!

I love you all!


Elder Denton

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