Monday, June 21, 2010

6/21/10 - Letter to the World

Hello World!!!!!

First of all, i´ve gotta give a shout-out to all the fathers out there - Especially mine! HAPPY FATHERS DAY (yesteray! :D)

This last week, President sent me in divisions to help out one of my District leaders to take full advantage of a HUGE baptismal service that they were planning. 2 Families were getting baptized, so we had to do a lot to invite all of their friends, get baptismal clothing for everybody that needed to be in white (14), refreshments, etc. It was a great experience. While i was in Benavidez, Elder Labra was here in Lopez Camelo doing everything that he needed to do to prepare for OUR baptism this last weekend. Sara Gimenez was baptized on Saturday, and confirmed Sunday!

This weekend is Stake Conference, but we have 2 baptisms - Angelita, and Nicolas. Their baptisms will be friday, at 7pm, and then after their baptisms, there is a Missionary Activity (activity for the missionary work....i don´t know - it doesn´t sound right.) after the baptism. Should be GREAT!

Last week, Elder Labra and Elder Rodriguez found a family, the Franco´s. They are AMAZING! They couldn´t come to church this week, because they had family come in from far away, but i know they will be baptized soon.

They also found a 9yr old kid named Jonny. He has been to church before, and his aunt is a member. He told us that he wants to be baptized! We met his mom yesterday, and she told us that it´s fine - he can do it if it makes him happy. She is also going to come to stake conference with him the weekend, and she said that she will think about starting to listen to what we´re teaching her son.

Ada is a 57 year old woman that we found a few days ago. She as well has been to the church before, because she has a daughter that is LDS. We taught her for the first time saturday at about 5pm, and at 7, when we had the baptism, she showed up! It was a great miracle...she also showed up at church on sunday!

There are many miracles happening here in Lopez Camelo! We have the 2 baptisms planned for this weekend, and three for next weekend!

el campo blanco está ya para la siega!

The field is White already to harvest!

I know that this is the work of God!

I Love you all!


Elder Denton

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