Monday, June 14, 2010

6/14/10 - Letter to the World


What a week!

It sort of stinks to always be the last one to know - but watcha gonna do!?

This has been a sort of weird week. We started of good with everything, and then had interviews with President Argyle on Thursday. When i was in my interview, he told me that he wanted me to do divisions with another elder, so on saturday we started, and i think i´m going to be here until at least Thursday.

I don´t know too much of what´s going on in my area, since i´m here in Benavidez, but i DO know that Nicolas Leiva, who had his baptismal date for the 19th didn´t make it to church yesterday, so we are going to have to wait another week.

My companion told me that Sara Gimenez and Angelita are both progressing very well, and that he is planning the baptismal services for them for this saturday! I´ll get back to Lopez Camelo just in time for the Baptisms!

I´m so glad that i have the gospel in my life, and for the miracles that i see every day. I know that my Heavenly Father loves me, and that he is always watching out for me. I know that Jesus Christ paid the ultimate price for me, and that it is thanks to him that i have the ability to repent, and become better every day. I Know that i´m doing the Lord´s work, and love teaching people that there is still hope for them - that the atonement applies to EVERYBODY - and that if they follow the principles of the gospel, and recieve the ordenances, they too can live with Heavenly Father and their families in the Celestial Kingdom after this life finishes.

I Love you all.


Elder Denton

I pressed Elder Denton a little bit to find out why President Argyle sent him to be with this other Elder for the week...I was asking if he was weak as a missionary, or if it was just a random request. This was his response:

He´s a new District leader....
also - in this area on saturday, there are 2 families that are going to be baptized - 10 people. President wanted me to help him in taking advantage of the baptism in finding new investigators by inviting all of their friends, having lessons with members, being able to set baptismal dates - basically EVERYTHING!
He´s a great missionary - he´s from Roy, Utah! There isn´t really any weak point, it was just to help teach him how to be a leader cuz it´s his first experience besides training another missionary.

I thought that was pretty

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