Tuesday, August 4, 2009

It's all been just a blur...

Ok, i'll try to write a letter, but i don't know if i have all that much to say...these weeks just all blend together for me, and i don't really know what's going on. This last week has been good. We're kind of running out of stuff to learn, because Brother Vance is used to teaching the Advanced districts, so he usually has to teach all of the stuff that he knows in 3 weeks. Well, teaching it over the period of 9 weeks is just really hard. We've already gone over all of the principles in PMG...literally, we've gone over ever page in that book, and some multiple times!! On sunday, because it was fast sunday, we had a Mission Conference in stead of Priesthood/Relief Society. it was 2 hours long, but really good. the MTC Pres, one of the counselors, and a District president all spoke, along with their wives. After the mission conference, Elder Gaspar and I taught a lesson to our district on prayer. I think it went well! :D I got a lot of the information that i used from 'True To The Faith'...that's a great book.
I don't really know, i think that's all i have to say for today. If i happen to think of any other mind-boggling interesting information, i'll let you know sometime later today!
OH....for all of you that DON'T know, i did get my flight plans last week, and i leave for Argentina on Monday, the 10th.
I report to the travel office at 5am, and my flight leaves Salt Lake city at 8:30. I fly to California (LA), and then have a 4ish hour lay-over. I leave LA at like 1:30, and fly to Peru. I get to peru at about 11:55pm, and then have a 1.5ish hour lay-over. I leave Peru at about 1:30am, and then fly to Buenos Aires. I'll get there on the 11th at around 7:40 am.
Well....that's all folks.
Love ya'll
Elder Denton

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