Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Making Promises to the Lord

On Saturday, April 25th, Kyle and I went to the Salt Lake Temple at 4:30pm to begin the process of him taking out his endowments. Connie and I have never been through the Salt Lake Temple before, so this was a double treat for us...a new experience through the temple and a new experience for us having one of our children go through for the first time.

Kyle was treated very nicely and led around everywhere. He was asked where he was going about a hundred-jillion times. We eventually had the chance to listen to a representative from the Temple presidency. He spoke with the four young men in there and found out that one was going to Columbia, that Kyle was going to Argentina and that two others who were in there to get married shortly had served in Russia and Samoa. He told them that these were all "WOW missions" and then he told us about having dinner with a couple who had served as the president of a mission. Politely he asked where they had served. The wife responded that they had served an omission. With a confused look on his face the wife continued..."we served in South Carolina. Every time we tell somebody that all they ever say is, oh!"

Thanks to Bill and Terri Wing and Stephen and Tiffiny Sutherland for supporting Kyle on this special day and for the fun time at Olive Garden afterwards!

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