Friday, February 27, 2009

I was reading a Reuters article that said: Argentina is to introduce a high-tech identity card scheme in place of old-fashioned paper tickets and turnstiles in an ambitious attempt to fight the country's notorious soccer hooligans.

What caught my eye was this part: BUREAUCRATIC NIGHTMARE!
The idea of having to obtain yet another document in a country noted for its suffocating bureaucracy is likely to have many people pulling their hair out in exasperation.

Argentines are already obliged to carry an identity card without which it is almost impossible to open a bank account, rent a flat, obtain health insurance or use a credit card.

We were wondering why Kyle was being asked for so much personal stuff. It may be normal, but it helped answer some questions for me.//gd

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  1. I wonder if missionaries will be affected by this (besides the extra paperwork you mentioned). It's interesting that Argentina is getting electronic cards when we don't. Can you imagine having electronic IDs? No more fake IDs--cops would have it a lot easier, I think.

    I think its awesome that you are so supportive of Kyle. I love that you find out these things about Argentina and post them. It kind of gives two sides to the blog--his letters and pictures vs. the area he is in.