Tuesday, December 28, 2010

12/28/10 - Letter to the World

Hello world!
First and foremost, i should probably apologize for not writting a world-letter last week. oops. i thought that i had finished everything, and so i got off the comp, and was waiting for MY comp to finish, and then we left, and I realized that i hadn´t written. My bad.
Well - I have made a new years resolution! I´m going to TRY to not be so lazy in writing this letter to the world, and talk more about the work that´s going on here in ´´LA BOCA´´ instead of all the stupid trivial stuff that i´ve been writing!
Matias - We have had his baptism planned for a while now. There have been a lot of things in the way, but it isn´t anything that we can control. His mom, who is a less-active members really wants him to get baptized, but, she also wants his dad to know, but his dad doesn´t live with them, and she has little to no contact with him, so it´s been hard for her to be able to let him know when the baptizm is going to be. She feels that if she doesn´t tell him, she´s doing in in a ´´sneaking-behind-his-back´´ sort of way.
Benjamin, Deisy, Maxamiliano - Benjamin and Deisy have a wedding date for January 14th, but they havn´t been doing very well at coming to church lately. Deisy is doing better than the others, but we need to have a sit-down with them so that they realize that if they aren´t coming to church, they aren´t going to have the attendance that they need to be able to be baptized after.
Gaspar Family - Maria and Silvina are doing great! They´re coming to church, and doing what they need to do! The parents, Norma and José still need to get married, but José needs to get divorced from a previos marrige first, which take a good bit of time. We talked with them last night, and are putting little goals with them so that they can get José divorced, and the 2 of them married as fast as we can!
I don´t know if i told ya´ll, but we have started working in a new part of our area, that´s on a little island type thing. there are a LOT of members there, but most of them are inactiave. We are working with lots of them, and this last week there were about 5 of those less active members in church. There is a lot of potential in this new area, and we have quite a few investigators, and people that have been to church before, and have listened, but SOMETHING stopped them from getting baptized. Now, our job is to figure out what that problem was, and help them overcome it!
I love ya´ll, and hope you´re doing great! Have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!
We´ll see ya in 2011
Elder Denton

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